Hi ladies I'm from baby forum as I have a 7 month old LO already.

My friend has got a 4 yr old girl, a 9 month old girl and has just found out she's pregnant again!
I didn't think I wanted anymore children, but I'm soooo jealous! Obviously I'm really happy for her, but its made me realise that I really want another baby! And I want one now!!!!

I'll have to talk to OH about this but I may be joining everybody TTC soon!!!! image


  • oooh hello - hope you make the right decison for you, and that if you decide to ttc we will see you here very soon!

    good luck hun xxx
  • Yay! hope to see you here real soon! (broodiness is such a strong feeling to fight!) Good luck with hubby! xx


  • hello, and thats great, look forward to chatting! xx
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