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I know CD1 is counted from first day of red flow, but mine started red on Weds, then went brown, then stopped. It started brown again on Thus, then red and heavy on Friday.

So do I count cd1 from Weds even tho it was stop-start, or from Friday, as it has been very heavy, painful and clotty (sorry tmi) since then???? :roll:


  • ooh that's a hard one! Was it heavy on Wednesday? If it was I would probably count from there as not a long gap - if it wasn't heavy until Friday I would count from there I think! I am not sure tho xx Saying that - although they say count from red blood mine is always brown to start with but heavy then turns red!! What happens to you normally?
  • I usually have a day or two of light, brownish/red spotting then full flow red after that. It wasnt heavy on the Weds, so dont know whether to count that! Dont want to count from the wrong day and risk missing ov!

    Mind you the plan this month is to bd at least every other day from end of af, so I dont suppose it makes much difference when I count it from! :roll: Would just like an idea so I can see if my cycles have returned to normal.

    Looks like we are both aiming for the same thing now Immense, August bfp's! image
  • I may be counting wrong but I always count from 1st bleeding day regardless of colour as I know it always started brown when on the pill on the day it should start! Maybe you should count thursday as day 1 as it never stopped after then, and like you said yours normally starts brown? If it is wrong it will only be out by a day or so so isn't a big issue! have fun bd xx
  • Good plan. I think I will keep three seperate counts, then see which is closest to my usual cycle. Tho hopefully I wont find out as af will kindly stay away next mth! :lol: x
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