Is anyone else surrounded by pregnant women??!!

Does anyone else feel that everyone around them is getting pregnant apart from you!!! There seems to be a large amount of our friends and people that we know announcing that they are expecting recently. Its not that Im not happy for them but I cant help but feel a twinge of jealousy. I know it will happen for us but this is only adding to my frustration with the whole ttc saga!!!


  • Yep, my friend is 22wks which is especcially hard since I had my mc, our time will come!

  • OMG yes. 1 of my friends has just come back from mat leave, 1 is 9 days overdue with her first, another is going on mat leave this week and another's wife just had her first scan today. Not to mention the number of clear blue hpt adverts on every minute and re-runs of rachel having her baby in friends and stacey slater's scan in easties! it's baby mania and im slightly jealous of my friends but very happy for them too.
  • Yup! So many it's unreal! Also seen so many friends get pregnant and have their babies since we have been trying! I can also very much relate to the pleased for them but amazing jealous feeling too! xx
  • Hay You image

    My AF was due xmas eve and i had a friend txt me saying that she was due july image
    Totally know waht you mean hun x
    U been off hiding again hun x
    How are you??

  • Short answer: yes.

  • Hey,

    yes - totally feel this way - I posted about this a while back.

    I met up with an old friend last year - she's stil in touch with a lot of ppl from when we were at school and so many now have LO's! I can't believe it.

    an old friend is back again and she has a beautiful little girl who is almost 3. don't get me wrong - I love both of them and her L'il girl is beautiful - she adores me - but sometimes I can't help but get jealous and wonder 'why not me?? when's my turn?'

    my future MIL has a friend with twins - boy and girl. shortly after their arrival another friend of her had a little girl and now she's just had a little boy. How perfect - they both have a boy and girl and all i can keep thinking is why them - what is better about them than me? why do they deserve this more????

    I always joked that no one at work could announce that they are pg before me (i'm doin well so far - none of them are even trying as far as I know LOL) - now i'm starting to think that if they did annoounce it - i'm sure that i'd tel them how happy I was for them - but then probably wouldn't be able to stop myself from reminding them of my previous 'joke'.

    I can't help but wonder if there is some higher power that has decided it's not our turn yet - and if that's the case - why isn't it. It's the right bloody time for everyone else I know LOL

  • Oh god yes!

    It's especially hard at the mo as me and my best friend fell pregnant at the same time and our babies were due within 2 weeks of each other in May. I miscarried mine and she got her dates wrong and her new due date is now the same as what mine should have been. I can see her bump growing daily! They had the 20 week scan today and i'm so pleased that everything is going well but FUMING at her hubby for posting on Facebook that he was disappointed about the sex. ARGH! Throughout the whole thing all he's gone on about is it being a boy. Well it's girl, obviously and they already have a 14 month old girl, so that will be friend preggers again straightaway no doubt to get this boy he dreams of. I feel like screaming! xxx
  • Im so glad Im not alone!!!
    Hi Gembags, yes have been hiding it bit, have been watching from the sidelines!!!!
    How are you? Sorry to hear that the witch got you. Onwards and upwards to next month!!1
  • Yep...
    One of my friends treated me to a text of their scan pic, thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssss, made me feel great, NOT!
    Now breath xxxx
  • Yes and No.
    My friends and colleagues fall into two camps.
    One half have babies and toddlers, the other don't even have other halves yet and are crazy singles on the dating scene.
    I feel stuck in the middle. I don't have toddler with another on the way but I don't want to get smashed every Saturday and pull a random. Tricky. It does annoy me when all my colleagues with toddlers/babies start talking about their family life then turn to me - "you'll understand one day". Really? Will I? Thanks. I also work with lots of blokes and at the slightest sign of sickness/headache/weightgain/anything the first question is 'are you pregnant?'. NOOOO. I have a cold/hangover/coffee withdrawal symptoms/my period etc etc. They don't need to rub it in!
    And breeeeaaathe.
  • I'm not surrounded by PG women...Just Babies!!! They've all had them now.. I've only just come off my pill at the beggining of December. My DH and I haven't told anyone we're TTC and suddenly all of my Family/Friends keep asking us when we're going to start a family!!! How the hell can we keep it to ourselves without lying in ppls faces!!! It's so hard.....I just keep saying "we don't really know..or ...Hopefully not too long" Alot of pressure when your one of 9 grandchildren and the only one married....Grandparents aren't getting any younger either!!

  • Oh yes everwhere I turn there is another bump, 5 women are pregnant at work along with 3 of my friends and 2 wives of DH's friends. And evertime I log onto Facebook there is another scan picture, I am really please for everyone but cant help a little pang of jelousy everytime another scan photo pops up.
    Baby dust to you all
  • Oh I hate that, when people ask you when you are going to start a family. Like, is it any of your business??? How very intrusive. It makes me feel really awkward - what are you meant to say? "I hate kids and don't want to saddle myself with a drain on my finances for the next 20 odd years ta very much", or how about "Actually I have been told I will never have kids and it's killing me" ? Neither of those statements are true of course, but really, if you are going to ask such a deeply personal question you have to be prepared for an honest response!
  • ohhhhh yesssss!!
    we've been ttc for over a year. we got married in nov then went on our honeymoon, when i got back i had my forst day back at work n there was a note up sayin my colleague was pregnant. i nearly cried! my boss knows i'm ttc ( i blurted this out to her one day i was upset, shes fairly cool too) so she was really comforting me. i found out she'd only been ttc for 3 months...grrrrrrrrrr. i'm really happy for her but she jus seems so blazae ( can't spell that word) about the whole situation. i know my time will come
  • Amy and Ruby-you poor thing. Her hubby sounds like either an idiot or maybe he's just masking? Hopefully he is happier than he sounds.

    Im not surrounded by pregnant women-but loads of kids, its really part of my job so on good days its lovely and i feel very warm and proud that im helping them in anyway i can, and then on other days.....i just cry. Not at work, but on the way home. Hmm i sound like a loon!

    SIL is preg - due in 2 weeks- and i cant even think of her. I also went through a phase where i really didnt believe she deserved to have a baby-as if im in charge? I think you just get crazy and you have to get over it or stay sad, i think im still on the fence!!
  • Moonand stars i know what you mean- i even had my mil ask if we were trying yet and when i asked why she said she wanted to know she said so she could tell people we were!! what on earth is that all about??
  • Hi ladies - i have been married for 1.5yrs but been with hubby 7yrs before that....we are constantly being asked when we are having kids BUT also in the next breath being told we need to lose loads of weight first, so i have a good, happy, healthy and safe pregnancy and so that hubby will be fit enough to run around the fields with little one!!!

    we had a christmas card from hubby's grandma saying 'happy christmas and here's to hoping we hear the patter of tiny feet in 2010!!!!! she didnt know we are trying, but we saw her a short time later and said we were, but nothing happening yet (playing it down slightly) she started to ask/ discuss with me, infront of hubby, what my periods were like and whats the best things to do for conceiving!! ....needless to say hubby was freaked out! lol!

    there are alot of women at work that were pregant but most have all now gone off on leave, so i dont see them now - but the other day my male collegaue announced his wife was expecting their 3rd child!!
    i keep thinking - why not me - whats wrong with me?!

    lots of people at work are also asking when we are having a baby - the ones im close with know we have been trying for about 2 yrs and nothing happening and so know i would come to them and tell them, but others are not so polite and just plain ignorant!

    It did annoy me when someone at work was pregnant and spoke like she didnt even want to be pregnant and that it was more of an inconvenience to her!! argh!! sorry...rant over!!
  • I know how you feel. A close friend of mine is pregnant with her first, she is only 22 weeks but the novelty has worn off and she is bored about being pregnant, she is already complaining about back aches etc, er wait until labour. She knows that my hubby and I have been ttc since last november, but she managed to fall pg within three months of trying, oh and when i had a mc in my last cycle she was all shrugs and oh those things happen dont they? not even a sorry to hear that hun or anything.....she really annoyed me and just takes for granted shes pregnant right now!!!! sorry rant over!! xx
  • yes hun, my sis in law is and its one big talking point. is 13 wks and has got steriliser, pram, cot, the list goes on!x
  • What is it with mother in laws? When we first got married my mil insisted on buying me "provocative" undies for Christmas (like, how inappropriate!) - I'm sure it was in an effort to get me up the duff!!

    Edited to add - I never wore the undies - what a total passion killer they would have been!!

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