Urgent!! How to re-set CMFM

HI ladies,

I'm on CD31 and af is due tomorrow or boxing day (def no BFP as have had top have a 3 month break due to ectopic)

The "m" button on my cbfm is not flashing to get ready to be set back to cd1. I'.ve been using it in my 3 month break and last months cycle was 30 days.

What do I do if the m doesn't start flashing when i need to re-set it? I am ttc again in January so really need it! Can't find instructions book!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! x x x


  • If you're going to re-set it these are the instructions;

    1. Ensure your monitor is switched off
    2. Insert a test stick in to the test stick slot, checking the posiiton carefully, as there will bo no symbol to tell you that the test stick is correctly inserted
    3. Press and hold 'm' button whilst you complete steps 4, 5 & 6 below
    4. Press the On/Off button to turn your monitor on
    5. ! *test stick symbol* will be displayed. Continue to hold the 'm' button and leave the test stick in position
    6. After approximatley 15 seconds, all symbols on the display screen will be shown. ! *test stick symbol* will again be displayed. The 'm' button can now be relseased after the test stick removed
    7. You should see the follwoing symbols on your display screen '--m'. Your monitor is now reprogrammed and ready for use.

    Hope that helps

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