Need opinions (forgot to ask dr)

Ok so haven't bleed since cd24, according to cbfm i didn't ov, i had all highs but it was my first month using it,

I thought af would arrive at the normal time but god knows whats left up there, :lol:
Now do you think af would arrive as normal on cd36 (yesterday) or do you think i've got a long wait until the next af to arrive?


  • Hi Sweetie,

    You may have already posted about this but I'be not seen it so would you mind if we back tracked a little?! image

    When you say you bled on CD24 what kind of bleed was it, quite heavy or just spotting? Also on your CBFM did you have lots of highs and then down to lows or just lots of highs? Are you still testing on it?

    Sorry for all the questions but hopefully it should help me advise you better image

  • hey hun,
    I bleed upto cd24, on and off everyday, got very heavy mid month but was just light by the end,
    On CBFM i had highs all month apart from cd26 which was low, Haven't used it since because not had af yet.

  • So you had 24 days of bleeding - geez that must have been a nightmare for you.

    Did the CBFM stop asking you to test, or did you just stop cos you went back to lows? It might be that you did ov but beacuse the syrge was small, the CBFM could have just put it as a high iyswim?

    Silly question but have you done a HPT?

  • lol yeah its not been a fun month. CBFM stopped asking as i'd done 20 sticks. Now its just flashing m, which i need to reset next cycle i'm guessing.
    Haven't done one for about 10 days but have done a fair few before that all neg. If i am preg i'd prop be about 6 weeks now so i'm sure it would have shown up
  • Not nesessarily hun, with the CBFM you get 2 peaks, one high and then all lows. So if you had your first low after your highs on CD26, that would have meant that you could have oved about CD23/24 and if you're only on CD 37 today then that would only make you about 13DPO ish so it could well be too early to show on a HPT, but it could also be bit early got your AF too presuming you have a 14 day LP, so I would say if AF hasn't shown up by Wed which would make you then around 15DPOish I would definetly do another HPT.

    I hope I haven't cofuzzeled you with all this, and other ladies please feel free to corrcet me if you feel I've got somthing wrong image

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