Well im on cd13 of month 6 and just got my smiley- same cd as last month- we are doing the smep and bd'd cd8, 10 and 12 so will carry on for the next few days. :\)
I haven't had had any alcohol since ny eve, ive really cut down on my caffeine, been drinking grapefruit juice and using sasmar conceive plus so im reeeeaaaally hoping for a bfp this month!! only prob is im out tonight at a friends- really don't want to go, and we are out tmw nite with my family for my dad's birthday.
Oh well i will make sure we do it before and after we go out just to be sure lol. where is everyone else up to?
Forgot to ask- shall i use an ov stick tmw aswell? Not sure what it will mean if it's another smiley or if it's blank??:\?

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  • Gl hun and happy bd'ing. If you do another test tomorrow and it comes back negative then it probably means that you are starting to or are already ovulating if it is positive then you havent ovulated yet but will do within a few hours x
  • ooh will def test agin- thanks Sammie x
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