fr pg test

hi sorry prob a really silly question but where can you get fr tests from cause they don't sell them at asda's do they sell them in tesco's if not boots?


  • they sell them in some tesco stores, sainsburys and superdrug. think you can buy online at boots aswel x
  • Thanks hun i don't no if i can wait any longer it's strnge i have a feeling it's a bfn but cause been symtom spotting just have to test lol.
  • what signs have you had? i dont want to be eating my words in a few days but i feel feel positive this month too x
  • I was sick on sunday and had sicky feeling on and off since then comes and gose (i never feel sick not like this anyway even when ill), Since yesterday had really sore (.)(.) i get this when af due but the hurt round the nipple usually its all over and this evening had really bad indergestion and this morening had a metalic taset in my mouth. All of these i get occationaly but never at the same time apart from like i say the sickness and the metalic taste.

    What symptoms have you had?
  • yours sound very promising!!
    i have achy boobies (dont know how to do the sign,lol)
    and im weeing like a race horse both i have never had before but i know theres always a first :roll:
    also seem to have a bit of constipation which yes i have had before but hasnt everyone at one time or another?! and its not something i normally suffer with.
    when is af due?
  • it's due wednesday i forgot i've thad the consterpation 2 lol yours dosen't sound to bad either i'll keep my fingers crossed for you and lots of stick babydust x x
  • thanks af is due sunday and i hope she doesnt show her ugly face! i have my fingers crossed for you too.
    when are you going to test?
  • lol i couldn't wait so i did a clearblue even though to early and said bfn as i new it would lol if af not shown by wednesday will prob try again on friday

  • wow you have very good will power. if af hasnt shown here by sunday im testing monday!
    good luck x
  • lol good luck with you to x x
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