I think AF is waiting for me ready to pounce at any minuit


I have had AF mild cramps since last Sat, and sore boobs all week, so I was thinking this is a really positive sign, could be pg symptoms, but tomo is CD28 and the pains are getting a little worse, and I am sooooo moody its unbelievable ! My poor hubby ! lol !

Dont know what a 'real period' feels like or when i'm due on as 1st month off the pill in years.

I don't want to give up hope, but these pains are pretty bad and because of my mood I really think i'm gonna get beaten over the head by Af any second : ( Little worried its gonna be a reeeally bad one for the 1st period after pill : (

Could it all still be pg symptoms ?? I don't really think so

Thanks for reading - just wanted a little rant xxxx


  • It's possible that it's pg symptoms since pg and af pains and symptoms are pretty similar.
    When I was pregnant with my 1st, even before I tested I was having slight cramping and sore boobs, and very tired. This started about 3 days before af was due.
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