It's Official......

hello all,

Well, you probably know from my previous posts that we weren't officially trying until March. Well, I've had notification my re-grade is fine (was going to have to apply for job), hubby has passed an exam (still only an apprentice bless him) and I advised that baby making wise, we are now into March (not sure if that right or not but he agreed).

I know it sounds mad but he doens't get that excited but he bought 12 months tax for my car because hopefully we'll be doing maternity stuff then. I know it's an odd thing to get excited about, but you know what men are like. lol.

Just thought I would share as if I don't get my BFP (which I don't think I will) this month, he is happy to do SMEP. Yey.

sorry for the long post.

V xxx


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