Sorry to seem ignorant, but could someone tell me what all the letters mean. Hubby and I have just decided to start a family but I've never been particularly maternal and don't really know much about pregnancy and babies at all and don't really know what they all mean.

Thank you in advance

V :roll:


  • Welcome to BE, you'll find the ladies on here lovely and welcoming.

    Take a look at this thread, it tells what all the abbreiviations are

    looking forward to chatting to you

  • Thank you so much. I'm sitting trying to work things out but my thoughts don't fit to the abbreviations. lol

    Thank you
  • welcome trixy image haha most of them aren't particularly logical! and its nothing to do with how much you know about babies or pregnancy its all just the weird world of baby forums! xx
  • Hi hun and welcome! I was the same when I joined but you'll soon be as obsessed as the rest of us image xx
  • Thank you. I'm so grateful for all of your replies.

    I'm so clueless in all respects to be honest. I had a AF about 5 days after I stopped my pill, would that be a real one or will that come later? I'd had one two week prior too.

    thank you

    V :\)

  • That would have been your withdrawal bleed, though when I stopped the pill I counted my withdrawal bleed as a normal AF and after using some ov tests I found I ovulated right on time (13/14 days later) I did get a BFP that month but unfortunately miscarried.
    Some girls take a while to get their cycles back properly so I would advise getting some ov tests, that way at least you have an idea of whats happening! Good luck hun xx
  • Hi Huni, sorry to hear that. It must have been awful for you.

    How do you use ovulation tests? I read that I should wait a couple of months before trying as the pill can cause the lining of the womb or somthing to be thin or something like that. I am completely clueless when it comes to things like this. Thank you xxx
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