I could scream lol


Im probably gonna sound like a right bitch now!!!!

A m8 of mine just told me she is preg with her 5th! after a 1 night stand!!!

and a girl i know has just had a 2nd abortion like its nothing!!!!


sorry rant over...

xx holly xx


  • Ahhh honey, that doesnt make you sound like a bitch at all. How frustrating for you, I used to get very upset watching Jeremy Kyle seeing all these kids get pg with no more than a one night stand !!

    My friend has had 4 abortions now, all one night stands. She is married now and just gave birth a couple of weeks ago,.
  • You are not a bitch at all! it does feel unfair that we all want babies so much and these people get pregnant on a one night stand without even wanting them. x
  • glad u 2 understand.....im CD9 and only on month 2 ttc 3rd lol im around my sister everyday and shes 18wks preg with her 3rd and dont stop whinging lol......cant even tlk 2 her about it as no1 knows we ttc , cos my sis and my mum said they will be angry if i have anymore kids! cos im not married lol charming aye lol x
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