Can You Relate?

Hi Girls,

Just looking for some reassurance and support please?

We have been ttc since December and have been using the cbfm but to no avail.

I am sorry if this is tmi but I have noticed brown spotting at ovulation and then again towards the end of my cycle. It really depresses me as I think my period is coming. I have read you can get this even in too early pregnancy but then I think I am clutching at straws. Do you know if this is very common to get this? Today I am on cd28 (14 days after my second peak ovulation) and have this spotting today as I have had since cd25 but not on cd27!

Also ,my Doc says I can have a cd21 blood test on my next cycle. Would you say that this is 20 days after you see fresh blood? What happens if cd21 falls on the weekend. Would I have to wait until my next cycle or is it possible to run the same test on cd22 or cd23?

Would really appreciate any thoughts
Thank you


  • hiya, yes i would say 20 days after ur first show of fresh blood......if it falls on a weekend im sure they will fit u in, just after... not sure tho, u may need to ask abut that.

    brown spotiing can be quite common around ov, where the egg is released it can cause slight spotting, so thats a good sign i think, as it shows uve ov'd. and as for spotting on dc25, this could well be implantation.... why dont ya do a test and see if ur pg 1st? good luck xxxxxx
  • Thank you for your reply Mrs *Me*

    I am not officially late until tomorrow which will be dpo15 for me (cd29). I am terrified that I will get a bfn and while af hasn't started I have some hope. Have a bit of tummy ache now and with the spotting I am running out of pma.

    It is so difficult. If I knew I could get pregnant, I wouldn't worry so much and would be prepared to wait. Course I know it doesn't work like that!!!

  • awwww dont lose hope yet! test 2moro morn, see how u get on, and if its a bfn, then u have ur docs soon, so if anything is wrong they can find something to helo u get pg soon, goin to the docs should help ya lots xxxxxxx
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