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Hi there

I am new to this site and the whole baby world image Hubby and i have decided to TTC this months and i am super excited!!!

Anyway, this is all completely new to me and sorry in advance if i cause a few people to laugh at this but..... i was wondering....... can you ONLY conceive during your OV days??

I have just come off the pill and not sure how long my cycles will take to return to normal so the plan is to BD as much as possible image but wondered what the chances were of conceiving after OV days.

a confused newbie


  • Hey,

    First of all welcome to BE and good luck TTC.

    OV is when the egg is released and my understanding is that the egg only survives for approx 36 hours after release and if it hasn't been fertalized by then then its missed and the egg does whatever it is it does to get AF on her way!

    The most important part I think is that OH's sperm can survive inside you for up to 5 days so if you have regular sex throughout there should always be sperm ready to 'meet the egg'! You will probably be best off BD'ing every 2-3 days image

    Good luck xx
  • Hi hun and welcome to BE!

    You can concieve if you don't BD on your OV days as his swimmers can stay alive for up to 5 days after BD.

    Good luck

  • Welcome - have found the below 4u. Zxx

    How to Calculate Ovulation
    The consensus is that a woman is ovulating between 11 and 21 days after her last menstrual cycle. But every woman is different and other factors can come into play that can alter when and whether she ovulates. For some women, calculating ovulating periods can be tricky. Using methods like reading body temperature and keeping track of menstrual cycles can help with the calculations. A woman should get to know her body; this will be the most telling sign in knowing when ovulation occurs. Plus, paying attention to cervical fluids, thick white discharge, can determine whether a woman is ovulating.
    Ovulation Misconceptions
    There are many misconceptions surrounding ovulation. First, not all women ovulate during a 14-day period. Another myth is that keeping up with ovulation is an effective birth control method. Although an egg can live for only 24 hours, sperm can live inside a woman for 5 to 7 days. So even if it is thought that it is safe to have unprotected sex a couple days before ovulating, the sperm can still fertilize the egg days after intercourse.
    A couple of other myths are attached to the time that ovulation begins. Because many women have irregular periods, it is not accurate to count from the last day of the menstrual cycle to determine the ovulating period. It is even possible for some women to ovulate while still menstruating.
    Can a Woman Get Pregnant If She Is Not Ovulating?
    The answer is no. Technically, a woman cannot get pregnant if she isn't ovulating. However, determining whether and when a woman is ovulating can be miscalculated. A woman can actually get pregnant when she believes that she is safe because she thinks she isn't ovulating. There is always the possibility that stray and live sperm cells can live inside the body and fertilize the egg days later. If there is some misinterpretation about ovulating, there are many tests on the market today that can determine whether a woman is ovulating.
  • Hi,


    Not a silly question at all - I wish i'd known all this info a long time ago - when our heads were being filled with the untruths that ZLS23 refers to!

    I hope you enjoy the site as much as the rest of our l'il BE family. I'm certain you'll find everyone very supportive.

  • Hi,
    Welcome to BE, I think the other ladies have answered your question so good look getting your BFP x
  • Hi and welcome to BE hun, it's not a silly question at all, think the other girls have it covered so I'll not repeat it all.
    Hope to see you BFP announcement soon! xx
  • hi hun, looks like the other girls have all helped with your question but just wanted to say welcome and hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Hi and welcome what a good qustion think I lernt some thing new there when I was reading this good
  • Aww thank you very much girls, that has solved the confusion.

    Good luck to everyone and hope to see BFP's soon.

    sprinkling baby dust to all image

  • hi broody mrsp and welcome to BE! again not going to repeat what the others have said as you're question has been answered now but just wanted to say plz don't worry about asking daft questions, we might sound like we know what we're talking about but thats only coz you learn really quickly! i can't speak for everyone else but i was def pretty clueless when i started out (only a few months ago!) and now feel like i know an aweful lot about the birds and the bees! lol
  • "Not a silly question at all - I wish i'd known all this info a long time ago - when our heads were being filled with the untruths that ZLS23 refers to!"

    Princess85 - it appears I have offended?? I found this on a site, that's all. Everyone has their own opinions, is this not what this site is all about?! Zx
  • no hon you havent offended her, she was saying she wish she knew all this info when she joined becuase we all have untruths in our heads like the ones mentioned in your piece! it's a good thing image
  • oh right, gee I really thought I had said something wrong!!! I read this earlier and have been feeling bad most of the day. I haven't been on here long and would just hate to offend someone. Zx
  • lol no, have another read ull see what she means dont worry xx
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