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Think I'm out for this month!

Not due yet, but the amount of problems I have had this week - if I had caught I think the stress would have been the end of it... At the moment part of thinks it might be a good thing if we hold off for a while- but that means I would probably catch! I'm abit confused as what would be the best at the moment.

Work is just killing me



  • oh gosh hun i don't know your story but just wanted to say we're all here for you and here is a handful of PMA xxxxxx
  • taffygirl, I'm sorry to hear you are so stressed. I'm sure if you talk it through with your OH, you can come to a decision. If it is all too much, then a break from ttc might be the best thing?

    We're here if you want to talk more. xx
  • Well here goes....
    I own a business and employ sometimes too many staff - there has been no end of issues. The yesterday one of them was complaining about her pay and sent me quite a threatening text at 7am demanding to see me at 8.30 - well whenI got to work I wouldn't see her at the time she wanted - and 10 minutes later she walks out of the door. We're a nursery and of course you need the correct amount of staff. Luckily it was half term and our numbers were much lower than normal. So there I am speaking to legal helplines as such and then we get a surprise visit from Ofsted (the governing body) an ex-employee had made a nasty malicious allegation against saying us, She had made up all these child protection issues and it was horrendous. I had never cried so much as I did yesterday. Luckily it is all untrue (albeit my organisational skills and paperwork were not the best) the standard of care that the children receive is fantastic.
    So the evil &@*CH!!

    Sorry but it broke my heart yesterday and all I thought was "my god if I'm pregnant - what is this going to do to it" x
  • Bless you,i used to be a nursery manager so i know the amount of stress you're under! In the end i decided to leave child care before i had children,but as it's your own business you haven't the choice! Be strong.x
  • God taffygirl, you poor thing. You really don't need that stress. Doesn't it drive you mad that people think it is so easy to run your own business and it really isn't. It is sooooo stressful!!
    That member of staff who sent you a threatening text then walked out.... you are better off without her. I'm sure you will get someone else who does a fantastic job and appreciates you as her boss and to be honest, shows you a little more respect!!

    I work at a school and I hate the thought of Ofsted turning up and knocking on the door! I'm sure they have seen many false claims by unhappy ex-employees and can see right through them, they just have to follow protocol and check them out. Which in a way is a good thing, for every 10 false claims there may be one honest one and our children are the most precious things. I'm glad they saw what a fantastic job you are so obviously doing!!
    I wonder if they ever prosecute people who make false claims?? They really should because the people who have been falsely accused are often too traumatised to persue it and if the agencies don't then they get away with it!! It is so unfair.

    All this ttc business is hard enough without all the other stress in our lives! Stay strong, we are all here for you if you need a shoulder... sending you lots of babydust and pma for next month xxxxx Good luck xxxx
  • sorry... clicked twice by accident! :roll:

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  • Hi taffygirl - sorry about allthe stress you have been having. Although a lot of us may have not been lucky with pregnancies (having miscarriages), i have read and been told many times that stress does not affect pregnancy or cause miscarriage, so i wouldn't worry about it having a negative affect if you were pregnant. At least you knw you do a good job in the nursury and that the accusations are all untrue and just spiteful.
  • Thank you all so much ... I want to cry again but because of all the nice things you are saying. I'll get my revenge by getting a outstanding in the next inspection. I must admit I'm going to look into legal action against her when the results come through unfounded. xx
  • I hope you enjoy a stress free weekend taffygirl. At least now you've had an ofsted inspection, you know you won't get another one for a while!! I hope your staffing issues sort themselves out soon.
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