Slightly Off -Topic Question, I Suspect!

OK, here goes!

I came off the pill a little over a year ago. Didn't seem to be any problems there. Due to various medical problems the OH has, we didn't expect to get pregnant any time soon, but I am 37 so we don't have years ahead of us!

Seemed that my cycle was between 3 and 3.5 weeks for a while, but my last AF (is that the right term for what we call it here? :\? ) seemed a little different - er, quite like 'blood' rather than period blood, if you see what I am saying. I am now at 27 days which is way over normal and freaking out that I am going through some early menopause kind of thing.

I do know that a 'normal' cycle is 28 days and should have waited until tomorrow to post, but I am a little depressed about the fact I don't even have any classic pre-menstrual signs - and it is now a good few days after I would expect them

We haven't really had 'nookie' LOL over the last month so I am not doing theold 'might I might I not be' type of thing.

I am also kind of spouting my stream of thought in a hard to follow way, so will stop now.....would have started again, only I suspect I wouldn't, so I apologise if the post is hard to follow!


  • hi, its not hard to follow at all. sounds like you could be pregnant though. i dont know much about the menapause but i think u r a little young. my mum has gone through it at 47 and her periods have stopped. i would wait and see though hun. if its still bothering you go and see gp x
  • Thanks! I am certain I am not pregnant, but the change in cycle time will buggar up planning to be!

    We have a good love life,but it doesn't always lead to the 'making one pregnant 'conclusion, if you see what I mean! I love him to bits, but the 'let nature take it's course' route clearly isn't going to work, and I seem to be getting paranoid about time running out!
  • Hi bankgal. This isn't going to help but, cycles can vary for no apparent reason. Things like stress etc, can lengthen them. But sometimes a cycle goes haywire. Give it a bit longer, and see if af turns up.

    It's recommended to take regular hpt if there's a chance of pg. xx
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