CD3, had a whole 96 fun days of waiting and then meds!

I abso love this highchair and so does my 14 week son! They recommend that you do not put your baby in this highchair until they are 4 months old, however due to the fact that the seat reclines and is height adjustable my son is already using his as he is now at the stage that he does not want to be on his back all day and loves to sit up.

Yes you do have to get the hang of how to adjust the height of the seat and how to recline it however afeter a few times of doing this it is a complete doddle.

It also folds up easily with just one foot and hand jesture, which is a must when you have a wriggling baby in the other hand!

This highchair gets top marks from me and is worth every penny spent on it.


  • Finally the progesterone kicked in and I'm now on CD3, woo hoo. Feeling a bit dubious about this month but at least we can get back to the 'trying' part. DH is working away alot this month too but I've started with A.C and EPO this cycle so fingers crossed. Not sure what day to stop as know nothing about O etc and no signs that I do, maybe CD20 as I don't want to stop too soon etc.

    Anyway congrats to all the BFP's. Also congrats Lilac on the arrival of af, stupidly timed as usual but glad you're onto the net cycle with me. Will be looking out for your CD count as to how this one goes for you too, goodluck hun x

  • Hello,
    Good to hear your cycle appears to be back on track.
    We can be cycle buddies as I am also on CD3.
  • Hi Porky
    Phew so glad for you that the long unbearable wait is over (and Lilac of course!). I'm still ploughing on on day 116... BUT! I think I ovulated last week!!
    If you're not sure when / whether you're ovulating, why don't you try charting your cycle - taking your temperature every morning and observing your cervical fluid? Once you see a temperature rise you know you've ovulated. If you're not sure about it go to or get the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler?
  • Thanks for the reply cycle buddy, LOL.

    I'll put my order in now then for a 35 day cycle and then next month a text book 28 please, he he. This is cycle 6 off pill and ttc but I've yet to get a pattern going with my body so who knows.

    Hopefully we'll get BFP's soon, not looking so great for me but pma and all that................
  • moomin, thanks for the reply hun, sorry to hear you're still waiting but if you did O then that's fab and at least you have a chance still. It'll also mean that af should show in a couple of weeks, or not hopefully!!!

    I think I will chart at some point soon but was really hoping to start that once my cycles are shorter and regular. Reason being we don't BD enough really but think that'd improve with a better cycle as we could focus better etc. I'd be even worse if I knew I O but didn't BD beforehand, that's the downer with knowing after O. Cheap OPK's didn't work and made me stress. Check CM all the time but ewcm stopped after cycle 3 and I'm now really dry (just started epo and a.c). I check CP but that's tricky as it seems to go high/low/high/low at stupid times. Think you're right though about temping perhaps to at least check for the rise/dip etc, think I might start next cycle from CD1 once I get a BBT.

    Thanks hun and goodluck on your AF/BFP mission xxx

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