Am I OV'ing?

Hi everyone

I am on CD13 and I think i might be OV'ing already but as I dont normally OV until around 16-18 days (have a 35 day cycle) I'm a little confused! I have had slight cramping in the ovaries and this afternoon had some white discharge in my knickers (sorry tmi!) and a bit of a backache.

I think these are OV signs so I started to panic thinking I've got to BD!! and my OH is on nights so when I woke him up the first thing I said was "i think im ov'ing lets do it! Who said romance is dead! hehe. Unsurprisingly he was a bit pissed off and tired and said no!! Oh well you can but try, there's always tomorrow lol.


  • squirrel, my dh is fed up with being "used for his sperm" too... rubbish!! dont think im oving yet though so hey ho.. this is my first month ttc so dont really know what im meant to be looking for regarding ovulation, i bought some ovulation sticks so hoping they will give me the go ahead to jump on the moody sod!! image
  • I usually have 28 day cycles but this month I didn't even ov till cd 28? Just make sure u jump him tonight an u should be fine. Think my hubby is glad of the 2ww so ill leave him alone. Lol. Xx
  • OH did say that he'll put his spermies in a turkey baster, leave it in the fridge and then when I want it I can just "squirt it up there". Nice!
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