what next?

not many people will know me so i will try to sum it all up briefly. for your sake!
been off pill for nearly a year and had 8 cycles. first few too long to count and last two 38 days so seem to be settling on 38 days (although af currently awol on day 42 which is most unhelpful) as my cycle length. Was hoping it would get a little shorter but no luck so far!
am 26yrs trying for bub no 1 and technically thats us almost at the end of a years trying even though I didnt really get a cycle back till about august. Had some blood taken about then which confirmed i was ovulating.

so what to do next? Is it time for another dreaded GP visit for that all important referral? or do we give it another 6months or so?
Would like to get in on the CBFM or persona action but don't you need a regular normal length cycle for that? Maybe ovulation sticks?

Just at a bit of a loss as to what to do next? any advice very very welcome

babydust to all



  • Hi hun, I would advise you to use ov tests for your next cycle, if that fails then maybe go back to the doctor for advise or a referral. The results of the tests that you have had that confirm your ovulating at least take that worry away, I'm sure it's probably just down to bad luck / timing. Sorry I can't be more help xx
  • Hey hun just wanted to say that it took my body at least 17 months to regulate itself after being on the pill....was a bloody nightmare, thankgod i wasnt trying then! but for some women it can take a long time...seems like you're getting there, try not to worry just yet xx
  • Hay huni am on monthn 16 and this month my body is messing about.

    Ebay do cheap OV sticks, wilko ect just so you can get an idea of OV with a longer cycle and if they dont work maby look into CBFM

    Good Luck TTC its hard i know ((hugs))

    Gembags x
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