af due on

hi everyone, af is due on monday and i bought cheapy test strips from semi-chem, 3 for ??1.30...i tested this morning with EMU, as it says on the pack it is 25mlU of sensiitivity...which i notice is the same as CBD who claim to detect hormone 4 days before af i assumed these would be the same..
i got a neg this morning...and now i think if it hasnt shown up a pos today then im out for this month!!

i posted a while ago saying i had some slight bleeding/weird mucus on day 26 (35 day cycle) so i had my hopes up thinking maybe that was implant...

so now i dont know whether to think that was an early small period...but it was literally less than a teaspoon each day for 3 cramps , and it was pinky and browny watery or mucussy, and maybe red for one day.

what do you all think???

i dont feel any diff or anything...i just wish af would come so i can start again!!!


  • image sorry got bfn, but u no cbd aint that sensitive evn tho they claim to be, so leave it until the day ur due and test again? ur bleeding sounds positive (like implantation) but its hard to say, ur not out yet tho sweetie, just tested a tad early i think. some girlies on here havent got a bfp til a week or so late. good luck xxxx
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