Can anyone help?

Could do with a bit of help from you fab ladies if poss. Me and OH have been trying since Sept and not used any opks so im kind of guessing as to when i ovulate, but we've decided to try the smep if i don't get a bfp next week (af due boxing day). Which opks does everyone use? are certain ones better than others? any help would be v.much appreciated xxx


  • The only ones I have tried are the clear blue digital ones which shows you a smiley face when you ov but im not sure how accurate they are...might try the SMEP plan this month. x
  • Hi I used the cb digital ones. They're so easy to use as you get a smiley face which takes all the guess work out. Only downside is they're mega expensive.
    I've just got myself some cheapies off Amazon to use this month x
  • hi hun, i think the best ones are clear blue coz they give you a smiley face which is easy to read but they are the most expensive. you can buy cheap ones in tesco and on the net which are ok. this month i bought first response. they were buy one get one free and i got a free preg test in each box. havent had a pos yet but i think they are quite
  • thanx girls, not really optimistic for this month as oh has been working really hard and i don't think we have bd'd enough at the right time. Def need to step things up a notch with smep as really want a bfp as we all do. Fingers crossed the new year brings us all our bfp's xxx
  • oops- double post xxx

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