Guess what? Another POS OPK. :\?

I was planning on using a CBD tomorrow morning and it was going to be my final result, if it said i wasnt pregnant then i will accept it and if it says i am, as we are going away tomorrow for our anniversary i will go to the hospital and ask for a scan. I have been spotting since saturday last week and occasionally it gets heavier but not really heavy, im not having any pains and no clots, only feeling nauseous occasionally.

Had 3 faint positives earlier this week and when the bleeding started i presumed they could be evaps or if not then i had a chemical pregnancy.
A few days ago i got a pos OPK and ive got another 1 today and it was shocking, it came up fast again same as the first one. Its thicker than the control line and just slightly darker than the C line.

If its my AF why is it POS? I have been reading that some people can get LH surge before AF but i already had the pos OPK a few days ago. :\?

Todays OV stick

OV stick earlier in week



  • Oooh fingers crossed for a BFP m'love xxx
  • Thanks both. Ive got my info wrong, I thought i did the 2nd OPK earlier this week but it was from last wednesday 28th, Ive peed on so many sticks i cant remember when i did them, abit weird to be getting a positive OPK a week later too.

    If i get a BFP, we will be travelling so ill pinch my hubbys Iphone and go on baby expert on it, hehe, probably take me hours to type it all on that dinky phone. My phone wont let me go on the forums for some reason.

  • Ooh have my fingers crossed for you mpp !!
    Hope you get an answer tomorrow!!

  • fingers crossed for you hun xx Hope it is a BFP xx
  • Just wanted to add...

    I was using cbfm through april and come cd6 I poas as the cbfm asks me to. It was saying I was ovulating which was confusing on cd6?! So I did a hpt just to rule it out and BFP! I couldn't believe it!

    So i'd say it sounds very positive hun (excuse the pun image )!

    Good luck, keep us updated!
  • Also... I didn't get pregnant on cbd until 2 days later. They're not very sensitive hun so i'd use first response, or even asda/tescos own have been really good for me!
  • Hi there,

    Just to add to what some of the other ladies have said, positive opk's can indicate pregnancy - see the link below for how this is possible:

    Lots of women bleed in early pregnancy too and have healthy babies, best to go to the doctors for their advice though?

    Tonnes of baby glue for you x
  • Hey hun,

    OPK's do detect pregnancy and i can confirm its 100% true.
    I brought loads of OPKS like the ones you have as I never expected to get a BFP on my 1st month.
    Well to cut a long story short I did and once I had used about 10 pregnancy tests all BFP i wondered if it was true what thet said about OPKS detecting PG.
    With about 20 left i gave it a go every few days and they all come up positive.
    Im 7+3 today and I last pee'd on one a few days.

    Good luck. Hope you get a nice BFP.x

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  • Ooh MPP hope you get a BFP.

    Enjoy your weekend in the Lakes where abouts are you staying?

  • Thanks all for your support image Ive managed to get on my parents computer, but this will be last time i go online until next thursday.

    I POAS this morning 'Not pregnant', so ill leave it i think, I know its 50mlu and thats high but i will chill now i think :lol: I think im having AF bleeding, it gets heavier then lightens, so havent a clue what to called CD01.

    Hiya SD, Thanks i need to relax and get away from this TTC stuff. We're going to Ullswater in lake district for 3 nights then staying 1 night at alton towers. :\)

    I hope to see some more BFP's when i get back! :\)
    God im gonna miss this site! hehe

    Happy Anniversary to me tomorrow :P

  • Happy anniversary for tomorrow babe and have a fantastic first anniversary xx Still remember the picture of you in your wedding dress being absolutely gorgeous! xx Im off from wednesday so speak to you when i get back xx
  • Happy Anniversary hun - me and you are both going to pop a chill pill and am sure we will be in due in Jan/feb really soon!!

    Relax and enjoy, I live about 40 mins away from Ullswater love the Lakes we often go out for the day being so close.

  • MPP - if you got a NP on CBD why the pos OPK, do you think last weeks wasnt positive ie as dark as this weeks and you could be ovulating now??

    If so the bleeds might have been ovulation bleeding?? get Bding on your anniversary just incase hun!!

  • Ah Hun! You will get your bfp really soon!!

    Happy anniversary for tomorrow hope you have a lovely time away!!

    Maybe me you and sd will be in jan feb together!!! May brides rock!!! Lol

    have a lush time away

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