AF now gone AWOL.......

Hi there,

Sorry to be such a pest, but I'm confused. I thought my AF came yesterday. When I went to the loo (sorry tmi) when I wiped there was a lot of CWM which was pink and also a very dark line of blood (the gooey stuff - sorry).

Well now, there doesn't seem to be anything. I know I'm not pregnant, did about 6 tests last week.

Has anyone had this happen too?

Thank you

V xxx


  • Do you want some of mine? LOL
    How long since last one? This could be an implantation bleed I guess. Thought mine was but too much of it now!
  • Hope its Implantion bleed for you,

    This month & the last few really I have had EWCM really pink and sometime really red blood & lots of it and then a fewdays later along comes AF. I had it then it went away for 2 days then along came the witch.... well after i had time for 2 superdrug tests lol

    Hope you get your BFP really soon xx
  • Hi there,

    Seraphine, I'm on day 27 now, just hoping it doesn't take ages as that is making my cycle long when I thought it had been shortened,

    Gembags, I hope so too, but could that happen after so many BFN's?? I don't know. I'm thinking that I may be in the same boat as you where it will come along later. Its good to know it has happened to others too,

    Hope you both get you BFP soon too.

    Thank you

    V xxx
  • do you defo know when you ovulated because it could be implantation x
  • I'm not 100% what day but I think it was around the 30th Jan. (ish) lol.

    Thank you xx
  • Hi Trixy 09
    When did you last see AF? also is this first month ttc?
    I came off pill after 13 yrs beginning of Jan and I came on first period on Friday just gone, it would be CD 35 for me. but on the Wednesday (so CD 33) i had same thing.
  • Hi formerfox,

    this is our kind of first month. Came off pill in december and this will be my second real period (had withdrawel bleed too). My last AF started on the 19th January.

    I think it's just playing a little hide and seek as as I said I've done about tests - lol. Never mind.

    Thank you. xxx
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