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  • Lacey is a gorgeous name. OH came up with that when watching the soap awards (Stacey from eastenders).

    I forgot about that, Olivia Jade/ Lacey jade ohhhh its a toughie!!

    Surname will be Clark so... Now i'm in a pickle. I think i'll need twin girls image
  • Some gorgeous names image for girls I like Tabitha, Daphne, Gracie, Amy and Nancy. Really really had my heart set on Phoebe but now have a niece called that image For boys I like... George, Joseph, Oliver, Theodore and Thomas xxxx
  • ahhh broodykate, not seen u on here fr a while r u ok hunni? x
  • Yeah i was just gonna say that, not seen you in a while hun!
  • I have so many names and hubby and i talk about it all the time.

    Using Rose because it was my mums best friends name and she passed away when i was young. Not sure about a boys middle name yet.

    Amber Isabelle Rose
    Lola Rose
    Anabel Rose
    Cerys Rose


    I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  • We both like lots of names but the only girls name we can agree on is Phoebe Elizabeth. If we have a boy then he will have to have hubby's name as his middle name, as that is the tradition. So he will be X Nathan. I think Nathan is more of a first name and we're struggling to find a first name that goes. We both like Dominic. Maybe we could lengthen it to Nathaniel?!
  • Hey ladies! I'm fine thanks - not been on much but recently broodiness has reached an all time high lol my best friend had a baby last week and he's sooo cute. Started ttc again, I'm at uni so it's all about timing if I could conceive within the next four months I'd be due during the hols next year xxxx ps, sorry I just totally gatecrashed this thread! Xxx
  • Hi BK

    So nice to see you back hun, tell me about the broodiness lol people around me are either having babies, due to drop or announcing they are pregnant. I tell you it cuts like a knife.

    Anyway names:-

    Girls I like Maddison, Olivia, Amber, Skye, Jessica, Holly, Darcy, Natasha, Anabelle, Molly, Analise, Alicia the list is endless but hubby doesnt like most of the names I like I had my heart set on Isobel gracie or Isobel Olivia and he doesnt like the name isobel said its old fashioned they dont know what they are bloody talking about sometimes.

    I love isobel as can be shortened to issy or bella so will probably get my own way in the end if we have a girl.

    Boys we are set on Ethan Fraser or Logan Fraser but will probably change our mind on them too.

    Feels so far away image

  • Mrs Hobbes my niece is called Phoebe Elizabeth image hey sparkling diamond nice to "see" you again, although I wish you weren't on this part on the forum (in the nicest possible way!) sending lots of baby dust your way as always image xxxxx
  • Mrs Hobbes my niece is called Phoebe Elizabeth image hey sparkling diamond nice to "see" you again, although I wish you weren't on this part on the forum (in the nicest possible way!) sending lots of baby dust your way as always image xxxxx
  • My sister-in-law is Phoebe Elizabeth too!! I think those names go really well together x
  • glad ur doing well broodykate, image

    sd i think i love pretty much every name u put down lol!
  • ooooh names!!! How exciting? We're only in our first month of ttc so maybe a bit premature but what the hell....

    Girls- middle name to be Cate (after my granmother)

    Boys- poss middle name to be Hunter (another family name but not 100%)
    Harry/Harrison - OH is adamant that he wants Harry for a boy and isn't budging at all

    Bit stuck on boy names so would love some suggestions... x
  • Loving the names ladies, so hard to choose!! When I was expecting our bump we were all set on Kendra if a girl defo 100% (must have been the pregnancy hormones tbh - no offence to any Kendras out there!) When I was walking into hospital ready to have lo I said to hubby oh I odn't like Kendra anymore and like Lexi a name that was not even on our short list it came from nowhere, so just goes to show how it can all change! We now have a beautiful wee Lexi who suits her name soooo much.
    At the moment we like

    Bella, Billie, Darcy and Daisy for girlies

    Callan, Miles, Ben and Zander for boys

    But who knows Good Luck and sending babydust to all, Lynne x

    Oh and Freya and Anya for girls too ! My best friend has a wee girl called Bailey so a unisex name !
  • g/c loving the names

    I have Olivia Grace for my 8 month baby, it's not a common name where i'm from (N.Ireland)

    Also I remember when looking at names I had Dexter and Aidan on the list although hubby hated Aidan.

    Darcy was on my list for girls. I know of a boy and a girl called Bailey, great name for either.

  • Girl: (middle name has to be Rose for my lovely nan who sadly passed away)
    Paige Rose
    Devon Rose
    Esme Rose

    my 14 week old baby girl is called Esm????. good choice image i always get lots of positive comments when people ask her name. although we are having isues with trying to get her a chair engraved as the only place we can find cant do the accent. :roll: which does annoy me as it changes the pronunciation from ez-mae to ez mee. i love devon too.

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