TTC and Horse Riding

Hi Girls,
I know that one or two of you on here have horses and i was wondering what your plans were once you get your longed for BFP's. Are you planning to carry on riding during pregnancy or stop,
I am desperate to buy a new horses as well as one of mine is about retired and i don't know what to do for the best.
What are everyone elses plans??


  • If you trust your horse I don't see the problem in doing some gentle riding when you are pg. I am going to continue with my lessons if I can. (won't do any jumping though)
    I was going to buy my own horse this year but we have decided to wait until after we've had our 1st baby.
  • I worked with horses before I had Amy & I carried on while ttc. When I got my bfp I did intend to carry on & be extra careful but to stop as soon as I hit 3 months but it just didnt feel right so I stopped soon after getting my bfp just to be on the safe side.

    Sods law would say that if you buy a new horse youre sure to get a bfp soon after!!!!
  • Just gatecrashing from Baby born in april. But to say that my mum never knew she was pg with me until 24 weeks and rode all the time. She even fell off! image I love riding but didnt have the money to go when preg. I would have rode until about 16 weeks but after that I started to show so damage might have been caused if I fell onto my stomach whereas in the early stages the foetus is well cushioned. Good luck with the ttc xxx
  • Thanks girls. Hubby rides to so he could always ride a new one till after baby born as i know i can truct current horse who we are also keeping. Just gotta convince DH now!!!
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