Question about bloatedness

Hi girls,

I wanted to ask you about feeling bloated - I am 7DPO and have felt bloated since 5DPO. My stomach is rock hard, especially in the afternoons, and by the evening it all comes out in burps and farts (TMI sorry!) The mornings are ok again but by mid-afternoon my tummy is really tender and sore again and actually sticks out quite a bit.

Do you think this is a bug or can it be a pg symptom? I've never heard of it as a symptom so not trying to con myself, I was just wondering? I have also had watery CM for the last 3-4 days.

Any ideas??

Thanks ladies xx


  • Hi hun

    It possibly could be related as they do say your belly swells up a bit during early pregnancy and stretches to accomodate the baby.

    Fingers crossed hope its a good sign for you

  • hey emily, i am also experiencing this at the moment and im 6dpo. Even when i have been to the toilet (tmi) i feel like i havnt been and feel bloated. Good luck to you!! x
  • i have this too, and i am a week late and still waiting for AF to come, or the BFP, but at the moment i dont know whats happening

  • have you tested yet pinkh? x
  • yes tested 2 week ago and got v v faint lines on 2, then 2 days after nothing, been having sore breasts, sickness off and one, and bad cramps, went to doctors last friday and they did a wee sample and was bfn, still af not here and bad cramps, and my tummy and so big and what feels like full of wind, trumping alot, not like me lol, and having a lot of cm too. so at doctors again friday, really getting me down,
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