Well hello there!


So excited to be here, didn't think I'd be here for a year or two yet!

I recognise a few names from YAYW . Hubby and I got married in July and decided yesterday to start TTC.

Now I need to go and figure out all the abbreviations as I haven't got a clue wth you're all going on about.......


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  • hey im a newbie 2 just started ttc last month. Good luck hope u get ur bfp soon! x x
  • welcome mrsfozz!! i'm also from yayw...on month 3! good luck with trying! image)

  • You too beee!! xxx
  • Welcome MrsFozz (and others!). Me and the OH are also on our 1st month of ttc so sending lots of baby dust to you all, xx
  • Hiya and welcome to BE!

    Take a look at this link, it explains all the abbreviations http://www.babyexpert.com/chatroom/topic/40683

    speak soon

  • welcome to BE good luck with ttc

    i was on yayw but wasnt on there long xx
  • Hi, me and h2b are also on 1st month of ttc and I'm also from yayw

    Can't wait til we all get our BFP!!! xx
  • Hello everyone, thank you for the warm welcome, keeping my fingers crossed for all of us xxx
  • Hello MrsFozz I'm new on here today too, from YAYW October forum, our first month TTC. Good luck xx
  • Hi MrsFozz, welcome to BE. I only joined 2 weeks ago, am in first month ttc and got married in August! There's a lot of us newlyweds and first monthers on here at the moment, it's lovely having so many people in the same boat as each other : )

    Good luck ttc, hopefully the lot of us will all be lucky and get a BFP in our first month!!!.x.
  • Hi MrsFozz, I was on YAYW too as NowMrsRobertson.

    We got married on 28th August and I had my copper coil out mid October so this is our first month TTC.

    Good luck TTC, hopefully it won't be long before we're chatting on the pregnancy thread! xx
  • Hello...im also a ex YAYW.....Is there anything us woman cant do without a forum eh?!...lol...........you will soon pick up the lingo.....Fingers crossed you get your Bfp soon!
  • Just wanted to say hi - I'm new too and joined yesterday!

    Good luck with ttc. Let's hope we get some bfps soon! x
  • Well hello there fellow victoriana bride! Remember me??!!! We're ttc baby #1 and I'm in the dreaded 2 week wait! Nice seeing you here! PinkNic xx

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  • Well hello Mrs. Pinknic said she found you here.

    I was saying to pinknic hopefully we can all get our BFP's at the same time and go through this together too. We need to drag Debbie on here and get a reunion going. I know easterbride is here under a new name. She is due in the new year.

    Love Me xxx (aka MrsB)
  • Lots of little baby Vic's! yay x
  • Welcome!!! BFP pleaseeee...! For all of us..xx
  • Hello Minifig! I'm also from YAYW and got married in July too! We've recently started ttc.
    Good luck and I hope you get your BFP soon. xx
  • welcome chic and Good Luck

    Hope you'll love BE as much as I do - it's helped a lot

  • Hi all, I am new too and trying figure out all the abbreviations (thanks Rainbow)

    I am a newly wed too and decided to TTC as of today!

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