Anyones boob growing??!!

imageMy boobies are out of control!! I bought a new D cup last month which was a bit big- used to be a c. Now they are spilling out!!! AHHH I can't control my boobs! I am 2 months off pill now with no af. maybe they will setlle when af comes- if she ever does....getting bored waiting!!!


  • LOL mine are the same as well I am a 34 H and my bra's feel really tight the last week though i am due on tomorrow so i am hoping they will go down. They have changed shape and everything has your;s?

    K xx
  • H !! WOW!!! At this rate though I will catch up soon! Yeah mine seem a different shape and i have a few blue lines now- how attractive!
  • Yeah I got the blue veins last month though I was preg LOL. The area around my nipple looks swollen though very odd. I hate them looking like this I pray to god they go back to normal.

    K xx
  • hi ive been off the pill for 2mths now too and ive gone from almost filling a c cup to a d cup(left boob is just stating to pop out of the cup) im hoping they will stay this way cause i like having big boobs now lol ive had blue veins this mth and small blood spots
  • I need mine to go down I have huge boobs as it is lol It's my left one though that is just sooo much bigger than my right I look silly!!

    k XX
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