Phew! BFN - now the wait for af...

For those who are confused its been 3 weeks since my ERPC op after a mmc, and have put off testing until now; wanted to make sure I wouldn't still see a BFP as I knew it would upset me. Tested this morning and not even a hint of a line which was more of a relief than upsetting. Now just have to wait for af to arrive but have no idea when that might be! Which is annoying as we've started trying already and have no idea when I would be due for testing etc!! Oops.

Probably the only time in my life I wanted a BFN :\(
Off to buy some opks, see if they can help! xx


  • Oh hunni, im so sorry to hear abour your mmc, that must have been a terrible time for you!
    I can certainly understand the relief you must have felt getting a bfn though.
    I really wish you the best of luck for a super sticky bfp very soon, take care sweetie xxxx
  • sorry to hear about your MMC, hope you get your sticky bean soon!
  • Hi Garfield,

    I think we're pretty much at the stage with things. I had a MMC in July - we went for a scan at 11weeks to b told the baby had stopped developing at 6 weeks. Had ERPC on 16 July, so 4 weeks ago today. I havn't done a test as just don't want to see the BFN to be honest. We're TTC already and I'm crazily SS already! I've had an achy back for the last few days and I'm sure by (o)(o) are more veiny (if that makes sense) and these were things that I spotted with our first BFP.

    When are you going to test if AF deosn't show? I've said 28 August buit that 2 long weeks away and I'm already thinking about the test that I know is in my drawer, desperate to use it! Haha

    I havn't posted much on BE as OH doesn't fully approve but I find it helps me to read others experiences to know what we're going through is 'normal', so if you ever want to 'talk' that would be nice.

    x x
  • Hi Garfield (and RS)
    I really hope both of you get your bfp's without another af and will look out for your next posts.
    I can't imagine what you've both been through and hope you get the happy endings you deserve x
  • heya, sorry again, at least now u can jump back into ttc, and hopefully get ur well deserved stcky bean soon! and the same for you rs xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • So sorry you went through the same RS image
    I've no idea when to test again... keep thinking I should wait until so-and-so a date and then change my mind!! I think I was told that if no af after 6 weeks from ERPC then to go see my gp; might wait until then to test... but that would be 5th September which seems ages away!!! No idea really.... so confused!! Almost wish we hadnt started trying so that I would know where in my cycle I am, but at the same time we're having lots of fun!! :lol:

    Thankfully I don't have any tests left in my drawer... but they were calling out to me in Tesco earlier!! xxx
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