Anyone testing this week?

Morning all,

Well 10dpo today and my temps are still high... was very naughty and tested yesterday with SMU and BFN (duh!!)

Trying to hold out now until wednesday or thursday...

Please let this be lucky mth 8!



  • ME!! I'm 8dpo today and tested yesterday with an early predictor test and of course got a BFN. Got 10 free cheapy tests with my BBT thermometer so I'm gonna be testing every day this week lol.

    My temps are still high too, when do they usually drop if you're expecting AF? (this is my first month just in case you didn't guess lol)
  • Hi Yummy Mummy!

    I usually get my temp drop the day before my AF arrives, but my LP is normally about 10 -11 days so the fact it is still up today is keeping a smile on my face!

    How have you found temping?

  • Obsessive!! I love looking at my chart seeing if I can figure anything out from it, and being all the more baffled each time I look at it :lol:.

    When are you going to test? My poor hubby is going mad trying to keep up with me, one day I think I am and the next I'm convinced it's a no!! Drove him crazy yesterday staring at the PG test convincing myself I could see a line lmao.

    Have you been SS too? I keep getting a weird crampy, pulling sensation in my lady garden area, times of dizziness and times when I feel like I'm going to be sick (and I'm really not a sicky person, can't remember the last time I was sick)

    My brothers girlfriend is pg and mum is stressing that she won't be involved at all when the baby gets here, and I soooo desperately want to tell her it doesn't matter as she can spend lots of time with ours.

    It's all so exciting, but if I'm honest I just want to know one way or the other now! image
  • Hi BabyDancer

    Sorry to gate crash saw this on the homepage and recognised your name from when I was TCC, I just wanted to wish you lots of luck hun and I hope that this is your lucky month lots and lots of baby dust being sent your way!

    Happywife xx
  • Hopefully u won't have any to compare... but if u have a few months worth that's when it gets interesting! Mine always look pretty identical mth on mth! Are u charting on Fertility Friend?

    Going to test on Wednesday if my temps haven't dropped...

    I'm exactly the same, poor DH... although didn't tell him I tested yesterday as I knew it would be a BFN... y i bothered I don't know?!?!

    A little bit of SS but nothing major, I've not got tender boobs however had quite a bit of CM at about 8dpo and feeling tired... but then thats nothing abnormal! Your symptoms sound good! Have u just come off the pill ?

    Ahh your poor mum, she'll be over the moon when you get your BFP! Our parents are dropping hints about grandchildren that we brush aside, I can't wait to tell them when we our pregnant! I dream about it!

    Not long to wait... just think by the weekend you'll know!

  • Aww thanks happy wife! Me too!!! xxx
  • Yep, came off the pill end of November ish, had a withdrawal bleed in December and a positive OV stick on Saturday & Sunday last week. Yes I'm using FF, I paid for the VIP option for 3 months to see how I go.

    The trouble is, I'm sure some of the symptoms are all in my crazy little head, so I daren't count them as real things. We shall see at the weekend though!

    We've got one more 'proper' pg test which I've got hubby to hide from me, will continue using the cheapies through the week and then use the predictor one on Saturday if AF has stayed away.

    Good luck for wednesday, have you been trying for long??

  • Hi I'm ju af Thursday so I may do one tomorrow don't think it's a bfp though good luck to evey one els
  • Thats a good idea to have hubby hide them! I've not thought about that one... think I will hand all my stash over tonight, to resist the urge!

    This will be mth 8 for us... image xx
  • Have u tested again today Yummy Mummy?

    How did you get on Jay?

    Took all my strength to resist testing this morning, but my temps we still up...

    Wish me luck for tomorrow girls.

  • OOOH babydancer, the high temps sound good! Yeah I tested again and it's a BFN. Am now getting hubby to hide all the cheap ones too till at least Friday as I'm starting to get myself worked up now.

    Fingers crossed for you x
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