is it possible to get evaporation lines on two test? *PIC*

omg ladies im now even more confused. just done two hpt (both ebay cheapies) first came back bfn however when i went back into the bathroom around 20 mins later there was a v v faint line so i still had my cup of urine so being a total narcissuis i done another this time fainter? why do i buy these bloody cheapies? i have tried to take a pic but the camera wont pic the blinking thing up aaaaaargh just what i need more confusion

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  • hi sorry to hear this happened to you! which brand were they? iv been using the one step preg tests from ebay and they have had me confused too, thought i had evap lines but then realised the lines where in the wrong place and then they disappeared anyway, all have been bfn and been testing daily since 7dpo, iv decided to buy some sainsbury own tests and thats what i will use tomorrow assuming af stays away (im not due on until monday) sorry i cant help, but if i was you i would get a different test, maybe FR or supermarket own brand.

  • Hi hun i feel for you iv got some cheapies off ebay never again i done one today the control line came up but then under that there was a small pink dot i have no idea what this means lol i posted about it earlia.
    So il join your confused club lol x
  • they are the one step brand two i tested the previous two days and nothing at all?
  • im gonna try upload a pic but im not hopeful that you will see anything and i will look like more of a nutter
  • the first one is defo in the right place and is faint but as thick as the control line but that was after about 20 mins

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  • oooo exciting hun i see those little pink lines image
  • mrs broody pops can you really? im actually having a sob now with frustration starting to thing my mind was playing tricks on me
  • YES YES YES hun they are very faint but they are there xx
  • could they be evap lines due to time left sitting?
  • yes i can see them very very bloody faint but they are there!
    oooo cant you nip to the shops and get a fr or something? xxxx
  • I think they would be more of a grey colour if they were evap lines im no expert but i can see those faint little buggers lol as mrs waggy said can you go the shops and get a Fr xx
  • im in such a dilemma as if they are evap lines i swear i will give up the will to live lol and i cant ask oh as he is desperate for this, just lost his dad and i think more dissapointment would send him over!
  • ah babes xxxx go to the shop and get a fr!

    i dunno about evap lines so cant comment
    how many dpo are you? xx
  • Bless you hun i think you need to get another test even if its just to put your mind at rest fingers and toes crossed for you sweety xx
  • hi mrs waggy i got a positive on a opk (again ebay cheapie but defo dark line and was testing up to and after to make sure) on day cd 18 im now cd 34
  • Congratulations! That is definitely a BFP, evaporation lines wouldn't be the exact width that they are. Go and get a superdrug test or a first response to put your mind at rest.
  • I can see both those lines! That is a definite potential BFP xx
  • I would say those are BFP's without at doubt! Congrats
  • OMG thats deffinately a positive test x 2!!!
    Well done hun xxxx
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