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an apology

i would like to apologise to all those involved in the POAS war last nite, i understand that my actions were inexcusable and innocent newbies (tashad) got caught up in my battle to beat the POAS queen (woomummy). It is with that i hold out my POAS branch to the queen and say forgive me and let us be friends i will no longer keep u from ur innocents.

I'd also like to thank Zoe44 who fought well by myside and showed true courage in resiting to POAS till friday, even in the face of trueadversity.

Good luck my zoe44, jena 24, tashad, and of cause the great woomummy may u all get ur BFP!

baby snow. xxxxxx



  • Thanks jenna i suppose you got to know when you are beat lol.

    How are you 2day?

    jen xx
  • i'm good trying to work but not really motivated to do anything! xx
  • Yip you are definatley addicted we will have to have words young lady!

    jen xx
  • i know i'm such a fraud starting a support group when i'm clearly very addicted myself!
  • 'Queen woomummy enters the room' Hello my dear Jenna, im glad after a night of sleep you have come to your senses, now here, take your pink sparkly cup, find the nearest bathroom and POAS...may u get ur BFP for u truly deserve it. Jen24, may i thank you for fighting for what it is right, you never let our side down, i will forever be in your debt.

    Now thats over how ru girlies this morning, i had my wicked way last night and will continue til oh goes on saturday...guna hold out til thursday and will let the POAS commence!!!! xxxx
  • good afternoon woomummy, i will still stand strong with Zoe and not POAS, only cause i can't face another BFN!

    gonna have my wkd way tonight as hubby was a little bit pissed last night after the footie. xxxxxxxxx
  • Bah men!!! If no AF wait til thursday and will do it together!! Ive got to stock up as going cold turkey for 6days, hopefully the swimmers will hitch a ride for 5 of those though...havent a clue when OV happened, had the stitch pain last night u never know!!! xxx kim xxx
  • been having heartburn today which is odd cause the only time i've ever had that was when i was expecting ellie, boobs look swollen today which either means AF is fast approaching or we've struck lucky!

    u could always do like that girl in emmerdale and get mrwoomummy to err *ahem* and then use a turkey baster!
  • How weird so have i for the past wk (heartburn..) i didnt get it at the beginning though so im thinking is it isnt it!!! Never suffered from it apart from when preggo though..boobs r tender, oh convinced im preggo, but after the past 6months i wont believe anything to those lines come up!!! Do u boobs hurt during OV, duno if thats whats happened...had the cm last wk tho...!? the stitch pain reminds of the beginning with ryley...i duno whats going on aarrrgghh!!!! xxxx
  • mine are tneder during ov which their not at the mo just be honest fricking awsome! u sound like ur ov big time don't forget mc probably confused ur body abit so might have gone into overtime for this ov! xxx
  • Well hopefully so...will see i guess, guna POAS once a wk ...wouldnt want to let the fellow addicts down now would i !!! Body is totally messed up due to MC, and if i look at it today is 2wks from the bleeding stopping so would fit to when i should OV wouldnt it..sssoooo confusing, fingers crossed ov is happening then can relax while oh is away, yey!! xxxx
  • good girl jump him till saturday then practise ur hand stands 4 the rest of the week! xxxx
  • considerate it done sir! xxx
  • You're all mad - I will have to start a thread for those of us trying to maintain an ounce of dignity and decency.

    Right I'm off to brew some frogs legs for my fertility spell and then promise to join woo in handstands whenever I can get oh to *ahem*.
  • Ha ha I loved it last night!!!! I have to say though I have got to this time and have given in. Got home from a hard day at work where I have been feeling strange to say the least and thought Id stop off to get a pregnancy test. Went mad and paid ??10 for a clearblue one but as you guys said last night if anything is going to show positive its going to be that. Well I am sat here waiting for the urge to go after sitting on the toilet for 10 minues waiting.

    So sorry to let you down babe. Tomorrow just seems so far away....I will admit that although I am only in my first month I am already addicted to POAS.Whats more having paid ??10 for a single test I fear husband will shoot me when he gets home as my addiction may well bankrupt him!!! LOL
  • *lilac whisper and takes tashads hand* its okay tashad we all falter off the chosen path sometimes, but as we walk throught the valley of pre-menstral cramps and bloating let us look towards our leader (woomummy) and let her lead the way.........pee tashad pee like u've never peed before!

    lots of babydust to u keep us posted!
  • Ha ha lilacjlh...I like your style! In fact hubby has just come home. I think I will tell him I was under duress! Woomumy made me do it!!!!
  • thats my girl if in doubt blame woomummy the little minx *lilac looks around nervously* she's not behind me is she?!
  • Not yet but she may have a bone to pick with you later! LOL! Oh dear its lovely that I can laugh about this with you guys! By the way I am now feeding my addiction by buying ovulation sticks on ebay!!! This is serious!!! Anyone bought those cheap ones from the private seller? They for real?
  • i bought some from vgb423 it was ??4 for ten ov stick and 2 early pregnancy tests they seem to work fine, and arrived the next day.xx
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