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No LH surge on OV sticks

Hi all

I'm on my second month of OV sticks and am currently on day 16 this month. The LH surge line has appeared but only ever very faintly. Does anyone know if it has to be the dominant line to mean you're ovulating? And what does it mean if you don't get that? :\?
My cyle is about 30/31 days



  • thanks Keri-Anne, that does help
    am new to this site so no idea what AF or BFN means! image
  • A/F is Aunt Flo (period)

    BFN - big fat negative

    BFP - Big fat Positive.

    Hope that helps hunni and welcome to the site xx
  • Hi Penguin, im on day CD (cycle day) 16 aswell, and i only have really faint line. Think this just means you havent ovulated yet.
    AF is yr period? and BFN is Big Fat Negative (i think thats what it stands for) means not pregnant! x
  • Hey, just thought I would add what I am wondering. Firstly, it may depend on the type of OV sticks you are using - I used ebay cheapies for a couple of months and got NOTHING, so I switched and spent a little more on First Response ones, and got a postive that month.

    Secondly, you may be needing to test at a slightly different time of day, or drink less for a coupld of hours before testing.

    Thirdly, you may be OVing later than you think? I only have a 12 day luteal phase, so going by that, I wouldn't OV until CD 19ish.

    Don't panic, there are a few reasonable explanations image

    Good luck
  • MrsDoc when do u test, i never know whether to do morn, dinner, evening?? xx
  • I've been testing when I get in from work at about 6.30/7pm and am using First Response too MrsDoc. Do you think morning is better?
  • Hi, if you use clear blue digital ov sticks (where you get a smiley face) you can use fmu (first morning urine). All others should be used later in the day (from 2pm) and don't drink for at least 2 hours before.
    I use super drug ov sticks. I tend to test when I come home from work at about 5:30 and usually get a positive then. My last three cycles have been 25, 24 and 26 days and have ov on cd 14, 12 and 13 and had a luteal phase (time from ov to first day of period) as 13, 11, 12 and 13 days. I am currently on cd 27 and ov on cd 14. I've been stressed these last few days so think that is why my cycle has been longer than normal!!
    So as your cycles are about 30/31 days, you will probably ov in a few days time. Keep testing and good luck! x
  • will keep peeing, thanks!
  • this is interesting cos i got some sticky stuff yesterday and did a test (ov) on which i got a faint test line, so does this mean i'm due to ovulate but it hasn't happened yet??anyhow, my oh and me went for it just in case image so do i keep going with bd'ing? sorry to crash your post, its just we are in the same situation! xxxx
  • Hi Deb, ive read you will get cm just before u ov, so maybe test tomorrow. def keep bd'in, best to get some stored up there for when egg is ... think im gonna keep look out for sticky stuff as this peeing ona stick malarky is makin me obsessed! lol xx
  • i'm that much of a loser, i have a pot to pee in so i can dip my sticks in it!!i mean, did we really think this is what we would be doing in the quest for a baby?? and men think its all about sex lol x
  • to be honest it was more of peeing on my hand than the ..... i have also had to revert to peein in a pot..haha xx
  • ive not had much luck getting a positive with the stickts either. last time i fell pregnant i was testing with cheapes first wee of the morning and got a positive on cd 16 of 28 but since the mc i haven't had a positive. going to try testing with in the evening. ps i got a pot too!
  • So my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I have been a year off the patch and have a pretty regular cycle between 30-33 days. We had the initial tests, his swimmers are fine and my bloodwork came back fine. I had a die test done and they were able to determine there was debris causing a blockage and they were able to clear it. My gyno said 20% of couples are able to get pregnant from this alone. After a couple of months I was still not pregnant so I purchased a 20 stick ovulation kit. Today was day 16 and still not showing a LH surge so I am getting all "no-"s on the sticks. I started them on day 5 after my last period start, so technically it has now been 21 days and still not showing ovulation. I am worried. I am 35 and have never been pregnant. Is it possible to get a bogus ovulation kit? Should it not have shown something by now? I have not started charting temperatures, guess maybe I should? My gyno told me that if I was experiencing cramps and PMS then it means I am ovulating and I have Never Ever had a period where I did not get cramps, so I really did not expect this result from an ovulation kit.

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