Just gone and depressed myself!

Hello Ladies

Hope ur all well today?

I am now on what I think is CD25 / 12DPO after my mmc! I've had a few symptoms that could be pregnancy but that could also be AF and BBT is still raised. My OH and I agreed to test together on Friday but me being sneaky and having no self control at all thought what harm could it do and I tested today and got a BFN!!!! Naughty I no!

First month of ttc since mmc so didnt think I would be that lucky but gone and depressed myself by testing early (I suppose it could still be to earlier or test might not be very sensitive, it was an ebay cheapy)....wish I'd waited and done it with OH now though just so i had some moral support!

So now waiting for AF to arrive (which is no bad thing, as it will mean bodies back to normal), usually around this time of the cycle I have signs but still nothing but because of the mc, i could be waiting a while! Never wanted AF to arrive so much before in my life.


  • Hi hun

    It isnt over until AF arrives so fingers crossed you get your BFP.

    Sorry to hear about your mmc, good luck

  • Thanks SD - me and OH have agreed to test again towards the end of next week if AF still hasnt arrived as BBT is still high and is showing no signs of dropping even though tomorrow is 14DPO! This time I will have more self control lol and hopefully if AF hasnt arrived by then, there will be a BFP!!!!
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