Now a proud owner of a CBFM :D

And god am i so excited to use it already! Ive already read the instruction manual! :lol:

Cant wait for the AF to start then again i have to wait till CD06, got a funny feeling its on its way, so its gonna be a short cycle again, which is great, dont have to wait so long.

Anyone starting with me? Could start a CBFM thread.
Im on CD18 and my cycles vary between 21-28 days.



  • Hi

    I am also now a owner of a CBFM as of yesterday! Today is CD1 so got to press the m today!!

  • YAY MPP thats exciting hun xx Good luck with it xx
  • May I ask where you got one and how much? They seem quite expensive when I looked on Amazon?? Zxx
  • yaaay!! so exciting! glad it finally arrived!!!

  • I just got one too! Just waiting for AF to arrive. Should have been due on Friday but I just know I'm not PG so I got one so I was ready for CD1! Now I've never been more excited for AF to arrive! xx
  • Me! Mine arrived yesterday morning from Huni. Due af on 13th. I'm also very excited! xx
    Also meant to say that my cycles are generally 25 days, although have varied between 23 and 27. Mrs PP your cycles are similar to mine.

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  • G/C from DIM hun

    Congrats on buying your CBFM I hope it is very lucky for you and you will be joining me soon over in pregnancy.

    Its still sinking in lol but i miss chatting to you am just caught up in it all at the moment, speak to you on facebook soon message me on there image

    Woohoo go MPP!!

  • Hey...I received mine at the beginning of the week which was CD4 so I just got in for this on CD9 & been POAS for the last 4 days.
    I love it, I feel like I'm totally in control, which I'm obviously not image
    Can I join, I'm a lot ahead of you though!!
    Love Curls
  • can I join? i am on cd16 on my 1st cycle of using one and i love it! I ov late so still no peak or high and im using opks too just to confirm as its my 1st month. not even sure if ill get any highs this month. We should all be 1st month cbfm cycle buddies! x
  • Hi All, I have a CBFM and am CD7 on it. I did my POAS til morning and noticed 2 blue lines on the stick is this normal? xxx
  • MPP, I have also read the instruction booklet already (big lie - I have read it twice!!)
    Janiejane sounds like we are in a similar position cycle wise! Come on AF!!
  • Hi everyone...Im also very excited, this is my 1st month of using my CBFM. Im on CD8, and today it showed that i have two bars on the screen and there is a slight faint line on the test stick.

    I purchased my CBFM off Ebay, brandnew and boxed with 20 test sticks for ??42, which i thought was quite a good price....anyone else on CD8?xx
  • Baby_vivvy, never been so looking forward to af!! Just want to start peeing on those sticks lol! Might have to take mine into work and poas in the toilet! We have to leave for work by 7am, so if I poas at 6:30 in the morning, the latest I can poas during the weekend is 9:30. I figure if I poas at 9:00 then I have a three hour window either side! Just glad it's really small and lightweight and will fit in my handbag (if I take my bigger one)!!!!!!!! What fun that will be, poas in the work's toilet - lol
  • Hello ladies, I've just purchased a CBFM from ebay too so looking forward to joining this thread if that's ok? Hoping it will be able to give me a better idea about my cycle which has been a mystery since coming off pill 2 months ago. Looking forward to it arriving now so i can get a good read of the instructions!!
  • hi ladies, i am on cd 17 and just got my 1st high, wasnt sure if id get one this month as its my 1st xx
  • I just bought one last night, on CD32 of a cycle that seems to vary between 31 & 40 days and I think AF is well on her way so should have a chance to use it next cycle! I'm so excited haha! x
  • wooopie! hope u get on well with it image can only mean good things tho xxxx
  • Sorry didnt get a chance to get on here for a couple of days. I went to thorpe park yesterday had a great time! image

    Hey ZLS, I got mine for ??56 not including delivery and with 7 test sticks. Then i bidded on 40 test sticks for ??25 i think.

    Wow Lianne you got a good bargain, Its amazing how fast the price goes up in the last minute. Im one of the cheeky ones that get in the last 10 seconds. :P

    I waa feeling all crampy yesterday so AF may be round the corner but then again i think i might of had a bad stomach , i had some home made chilli con carne ons aturday night.

    *fingers crossed all*

  • hey curls your a lucky one, you got it just in time.

    Its so exciting that this little device can remember our cycle and tell us everything about it, its like our little best friend image Im so proud to have one image

    Mrs J, not sure what you mean by 2 lines, do you mean on the monitor, or do you mean you used a hpt? :\)

    Hey janie, Im in same boat as you, I work shifts so i start either at 7am or 2pm, im gonna have to do the same as you and POAS at 9am. I hope i dont have to do it at work. I shouldnt have to like you said we have 6 hour testing window. Strange how they want you to use FMU when other brands dont.

  • Can I join too?? My CBFM arrived today!! woohoo!!!

    It should have been here to use this cycle but it's 2 weeks late so have it ready to use next month! yay!

    Am CD15 so will start in maybe 2 weeks or so, can't wait!!

    ZLS23... I ordered mine from Access Diagnostics, was ??73 for the monitor and 20 sticks (used a 10% off code) but like I said arrived really bloody late so don't order from there if you need it quick!!

    Good luck girls! xx
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