cats and pregnancy

is it true that cats can detect pregnancy, ive heard they can and for the past few days my cat has become really clincy, she jumps on me and makes sure she sits on my left side, always on my hip/stomach and my gosh she cries and cries until i let her or even if i push her off she jumos back on, i have to put her in another room to get some peace lol. i may be readin to much into it xx


  • im sure some cats and dogs do,that why people can have medical dogs now,ie ones that can detect peoples illnesses before they start,like serious migraines etc,ones that need medicine to help it,someone on the tv the other day suffered from sleep apnea (sp) where they stop breathing in their sleep and they have a dog what detects it and wakes her up,very clever things if trained

    my dog or cat detected i was preg before tho so not all are blessed with the gift lol
  • I now have visions of all us POAS addicts running out to the pet shop to buy a cat !!!! LOL
  • njh: lol i was just thinking of that
  • lol that would be funny,i have 2 maybe i could start hiring them out :lol:
  • i have 2 siamese...and they are meant to be intelligent right?

    i dont think they know any diferent ,apart from they think the spare room thats been turned into the nursery is for them!
    and even a miniture sized bed(crib) for one of them! she thinks all her xmases have come at xx
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