Right...Here i go again!

Afternoon ladies,

It seems i've definately miscarried, i've passed the pregnancy this morning :\( but i want to get straight back into ttc. At the minute i'm still bleeding so i need to wait for it to stop and make sure everythings gone to avoid infection and then i'm back in the game!

I feel a lot more positive this morning. Me and OH had a heart to heart and a good cry last night and now it's all out i feel ready to look forward. I feel like i've come a long way over night, and now the pregnancys passed i can finally move on.

Wish me luck ladies, i think i'm going to need all of your support this time round...


  • Hello,
    I think you are very brave and I really do hope that your next very sicky BFP is on it's way to you soon!

    Good luck!

  • Think you're being really brave huni and it's great that you're able to look forward. Hope your next bfp is swift and sticky xx
  • big hugs and losts of baby dust for next time hun xxxx
  • I am going to repeat what the other girls have said but I think you are really brave, both of you. Good luck and lots of baby dust and hugs coming your way xx



  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhugsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Well hopefully you wont be with us for long hun xx But you know we're all here for each other in the meantime xx
  • Hi huni,

    Your strength is amazing, well done for being so brave, have been there and know only too well how hard it is

    Love and Hugs,

    MrsH xxx
  • Hi whissing you lots of luck I mc around the 20 April and have stopped bleeding to we also decided to go for it hope to see you on another bord soon they do say you are a lot more fertile after pregnancy fingers crossed for you.xxx
  • wishing you lots of luck and well done for being brave x
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