This ttc is wrecking my head!!!

omg my head is mashed, i am not ready for testing yet, if i go off my last cycle i should be testing on the 22nd but the cycle before that was a bit longer, i really want to test on the 22nd but am scared that it may be too early and i will get a bfp and be really depressed, on the other hand i don`t want to leave it longer and then that old witch af turn up before i even had chance to test!!

aaarrggh i don`t know what to do, really want it to be this month as we tried really hard but will be so dissapointed if it doesn`t happen.

i know everyone else is in the same boat but what would others do would you leave it or would you test on the 22nd???

a little advice here people please!! xx:\?


  • hi Nina, i would test on 22nd and then again 4 days after. but tell yourself that it might be BFN coz it may be too early. keep testing every four days untill af witch arrives, she may not come at all with any luck. good luck. PMA coming your way ............i know all of this is rustrating, its in my head 24/7 x x x x
  • Flippin heck!

    Can't help, as I have ABSOLUTELY no idea when I should test! Think AF should be due about 24th ish.. but really no idea! I'm not going to test until August!!!!

    Good luck

  • Nina as someone who has been testing like crazy for the past six months I totally understand how you're feeling. Despite buying e-bay cheapie tests I don't believe them so go out and buy the more expensive tests. I've decided to take a whole different approach from now and just wait until AF is late before testing. AF is due for me tomorrow and if she arrives I am going to use the money I saved to buy a nice bottle of gin and some cans of tonic and get myself v. drunk tomorrow night!! Well that might be a bit of an exagerration but I know it does wreck your head knowing when to test so I feel deciding not to test at all is the best option for me at the minute. Whether this good intention will last for much longer is hard to tell though.... Am keeping fingers crossed for you whatever you decide imagemile:
  • thanks for the advice everyone, i think i will leave it till the 22nd then see how i feel, i don`t seem to be having any symptoms that are totally obvious but then i am not really a major symptom spotter and i didn`t really have any with previous pregnancys so know it doesn`t really make a difference. if on the 22nd i have a feeling about it then i may test or i may just leave it a few more days, i will just play it by ear!!

    thanks again everyone xx
  • I know what you mean! And coming on here everyday only makes it worse it a way!
    I dont know whats going on with my cycle this month! FF is saying I OV'ed on CD11 which is soo early for me I find it hard to believe as the earliest I ever have before is CD17 due to longish cycles so I dont know whether to believe it or not! I hate the waiting game of it all! image

    I'm going out for a meal on Saturday night and I really want to drink but I know I will not enjoy it if at the back of my mind Im worried I might be pregnant! Even though I dont have any symtons or anything I know I'm not pregnant really! I dont know.

  • hi beth, i am going out to a 20th wedding anniversary do tonight too, and i am also worried about drinking in case i might be pregnant but it is far too early for me to test yet. its silly isn`t it, when i was pregnant with my daughter i only found out at about 8 weeks and it was over christmas i got pregnant and i had been out loads getting sozzled!! not that i`m saying its a good idea to drink when your pregnant though!!! but i suppose we cant let it take over our lives, i am gonna try hard not to think about it tonight and try and enjoy myself!! xx
  • weegie-i am totally with you there. going to try hard to resist the temptation to test unles af doesnt show when shes due...and if the old hag does come-use the 'test money' on booze or a massive bar of chocolate
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