New and TTC!!

Hi Everyone
I am new and just wanted to say hello! I got married just over 5 weeks ago so me and hubby have just started ttc. I am due on next week so am playing the waiting game at the moment which is so difficult!!
Felt a few symptoms but not sure if it is just PMT!
Just wanted to introduce myself x


  • oooh hello and welcome!

    congrats on the recent wedding image

    i too am on the one week wait, and it is very difficult not to symptom spot.

    good luck and lots of PMA to you image xxxx
  • Thanks mrs e, I know it's sooo difficult have you had any symptoms I think I am going mad and imagining things lol x
  • welcome to the madness! every tiny little symptom i get now i automatically relate it to ttc - i've probably always had these symptoms!
    making a chart though so if this isn't the month i can try to ignore these symptoms next month.

    good luck image xxx
  • Ha ha I know what you mean, that's a good idea about the chart I might do that myself to try and keep sane if nothing else!
    Good luck to you too I will keep everything crossed for us both x
  • Welcome!! I have had every PG symptom going in my 1st 2 mths ttc!! I keep a diary of them all and am hoping after a few months (unless I get my BFP of course!) that a pattern will emerge as my body settles down after coming off the pill.!!

    Were you on the pill? If so, how long have you been off it?

    Good luck xx
  • Hi, just wanted to say welcome to the site, hope you get your bfp soon. xx
  • Welcome to the site image and congrats on your wedding I bet you had a wonderful day.

    Good luck with your BFP

    K xx

  • hiya. welcome to the site. i am also on 1ww testing mon/tues. good luck in getting your
  • Ah thanks Ladies

    immense - I have been off the pill for a few years now as I had some probs with blood pressure etc so that's why I keep thinking certain symptoms could be a good sign but don't want to get my hopes up!!

    Angelina - Good luck with your test too - let me know how you get on

    Good luck to everyone else ttc lets hope we get lots of BFP's very soon xx
  • Welcome to the site, and all the best of luck with your test next week. I'm testing on tue!

    Baby dust. x
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