Fao cass82

Have you had your bfp? I'm back to smep , think I'm the only one left
from the orginal smep if you've bfp! Hope you have



  • Hey sweetheart, sorry only just had a quick look on here! Nah, no BFP yet, pooey!
    We're going to have a very relaxed month, no temp monitoring, no opks, very little BE (hence me nearly missing your msg!) Just see what happens really, we've tried everything else! lol!
    Hows you doing my lovley? xxx
  • I'm fine, I've been keeping off here since jan,
    This ttc lark has been nothing but heart break
    thought it was meant to be fun!!!

    I'm trying to have pma but hubby is sick of the planned sex
  • Yeah, thats why we've taken the relaxed approach this month. Its tiring being that restricted. Am ging to keep my eye out for signs of ov, but determined to enjoy myself this month! lol! If being relaxed doesn't work then we're going to cbfm it! xxx

    Good luck sweetie xxx
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