When to start trying?

Hi girls

I am due to come off the pill I have been on for nearluy two years in 5 days then I will wait till AF arrives but when after that should I start to try? We want to start right away rather than leaving it for a few months now though when will i know when I am OV?

K xxxxx


  • hiya!
    I would say if you want to start straight away then do it but just be prepared that it may take months before you concieve. Most healthy couples concieve between 6months to a year. There will be more chance of conception after 3months of being healthy, BDing regularly, taking folic acid supplement and being relaxed about ttc. You could use ov sticks to find out when you're ov or you could do it the natural way and monitor your temp, cm and be aware of a twinge on either side of your abdomen which may be the egg releasing. not every experiences this though.
    Good luck and welcome to the crazy world of ttc, it can be very confusing at times but dont get stressed too much xxx
  • ahh thank you very much. yes i know it can take some time but i am happy to start right after i come off the pill i have heard there is a good chance some women fall preg then though i would have no problem if it took 6 months to a year, it will happen when it does i guess image


    K x
  • you're welcome,
    thats a good attitude to have, keep up the PMA and you'll by fine. I really should take my own advice, were in month 6 and i have my down days and running low on PMA but thats prob because i was naive to think we would concieve straight away! x
    have fun
  • Sorry what is PMA??

    I am a huge believer in what is meant to be will be. I know that might be easier for me to say as I have not started to try as yet and 6 months down the line might be wondering it has not happened, but I want to make this a part of my life not my whole life you know.

    Sadly I have most of my friends who are having problems my best friend has been trying for 2 and a half years and is now looking at IVF.

    It does worry me a great deal but i think half the problem is the stress of it all, our bodies do funny things to us and I am a natural worrier trust me!!

    Finger's crossed for both of us though hun. I am worried as I was on the pill and missed my last period took 4 tests but bfn and did a urine sample this morning for the doctor so should know by Tuesday though I am bloated all the time, with small pains around my belly button and don;t feel right. i am worried but will see what the test says then wait for AF to come and if that does not happen hold off trying and go and get myself sorted out.

    k XXX
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