confusing pains

I'm having nasty cramps, nausea and am v. tired but am on CD5. Af arrived when expected and was as normal, some aches on CD1 but that's it. Never get pain after cd1. Had brown blood (sorry tmi) since yesterday and hardly anything today but have had the cramps since this evening and the tiredness since yesterday and nausea on and off all day. If i was on my 2ww i'd be convinced i was pg!! :\?
Does anyone else get this?? :\?



  • well its starnge i have to say that....i got cramps for a few days but they have stopped and in due af on the 10th july, im excited as i know we bd on the right days!!!
    keep us posted!
  • think it is probably just a new trick my body is playing on me to get me confused. it seems to like messing with my head.The bugger. Don't see why they can't work together. They are attached after all! Good luck keeping af away, not too long to wait although i bet it doesn't feel like that!!
  • feels like forever i can tell u, hubby is getting really excited too...
  • fingers crossed for you.
  • thank you, i just ache in my heart for a baby....i cant let myself get down tho. xx
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