Cheap ov sticks v expensive ones?

I wonder if anyone can help me. My donor may not be able to oblige next week as he's donating for someones IVF but doesnt know when. So I usually ov on d12-14. D12 is tuesday and would be my ideal day as I'm working tuesday and wednesday earlies and have no childcare on thursday morning.The thought that I may ov in an evening and then not be able to do my AI until the following afternoon is awful anyway so if he is free I'm going to ask him for monday afternoon. But if I'm a few days from ov it seems a bit pointless. So I thought I would give ov tests another go.
I got some cheap ones from access diagnostics a few months ago but I drink a lot and the readings were always a very faint line, even on the day I felt my ov pain.( It obviously is ov as the day after my ewcm dries up completely). So I am wondering whether the more expensive tests would be any better or if the lines were really faint because I drink a lot(I did reduce it those afternoons that I tested).
Has anyone got any ideas?
Thankyou Helen.xx


  • I have never used them before, so can't help I'm afraid. But I would suggest that if you know when you get your ov pain and your ewcm dries up then I don't know what extra the sticks will be a be to tell you.
  • It was more to know if it was worth asking him to come(literally!!!LOL) on d11 which is monday. I've read that the sticks get darker the nearer you are to the peak of the surge, but for me the cheap ones didnt even though they should have. Not sure if this makes sense?!
  • Hmmm, tricky one Helen - I use the access diagnostic ones and they work fine for me, fade in and out as they should, so not really sure what to suggest.

    Have you considered the clear blue digitial ovulation detector thingy, heard that they are very good and may give you a little more notice; although they are pricey, its worth it if it gets you that BFP!?!


  • Oh I see. Sorry I can't help more. I reckon that you're faint line sis more down to how much you drink rather than the tests though. Hope you have your opportunity this month though.
  • I used the ones from access diagnostics, if that helps.
  • Think the faintness must be me drinking too much then!! Thanks for the advice ladies, I have some of the cheap ones left so I may start testing tomorrow or sunday.xx
  • Hi Hjanea, just to confuse things further I tried using cheap ov sticks for the first time this month and found them useless. I'd previously used cbd ones with complete success but wasn't liking the cost!!! So i tried the cheap ones but had 2 spare cbd just in case!!! I noticed i had ewcm but only the faintest of 2nd lines on the ov stick (so faint I wasn't sure if it was there or not lol) so I used the cbd just to make sure and got a smiley face. Same thing happened the next day.
    Personally for me the cheapie sticks i got (off ebay) didn't work at all and i shall stick to cbd and checking ewcm in the future.
    good luck!!
  • Ah thankyou dg, I'd hoped someone might have tried both. I might get a few cbd ones then(the cost puts me off too). If I dont get a positive on monday and if he cant do later in the week theres no point wasting the time( and his effort!!!) on monday.
    Thankyou. Helen.xx
  • Hi, I have tried both the cheapy little stick and the cbd ones, I much prefered the cbd ones they are much clearer and the only lines I got on the others were very faint. Hope thats helps x
  • I used cbd ones last month and didnt get a smiley face but its because i started using them on cd16 (afs had been 33ish days) but af turned up on cd26 so i obviously missed it!! This month im trying the cheap ones, im on cd13 so im hoping it will work this time!! lol. Sorry that wasnt really much help, was it? lol. xxx
  • Thats ok, hope they work for you this month!!xx
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