sorry ladies didnt listen to u when u said to stop UPDATE!

& I got this....

10dpo came up within the time limit and is still there although a tiny bit fainter as test has dried.

OH doesnt want to get excited and is trying to be all sensible because its faint

Someone tell me its the beginning of my bfp? image


well ladies I done a first response (the normal one not the early result one) and an asda one...and im pleased to say asda has a faint line and fr has the hintest bit of i guess i am pregnant! so overall clear blue and asda get my vote! haha. cant wait to see a darker line in the morning image

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  • what do you mean 'beginnings of'?! thats a clear line lovey, congrats xxx
  • can defo see a line, congrats x
  • thankyou!

    oooooooooooooooooh my god!

    is this a dream? image
  • Woo hoo FD your preggers congrats and I dont have anymore sticks to POAS on!!

    Am 11dpo but havent tested today eek, going to wait until tomorrow as I have had very very faint lines I think its looking good for me.

    See you over in DIO hun xx
  • wow - looking good. Zxx
  • looking good hun.xxxxxx
  • oh good luck for tomorrow!!!!!


    i want to go buy a cb digital from asda now but im terrified it will say not pregnant because oh is trying to be mr sensible and isnt getting excited with me yet :roll:

    im too scared to go in due in oct now incase its not real :lol:

    my dd birthday is oct 9th so i think i would be due around that time if i am pregnant!

    ahhhhhhhh so many emotions!

  • Congratulations sweetie! xxx
  • Hi hun, go get your CBD and test and then come back and let us know he he bet you cant wait. I am tempted to pop to tesco but going to wait until tomorrow morning as am sick of all the uncertainty around my faint BFP so going to try and hold off until af late/due................argh................xx
  • oh wow, i can see a + form here. well done hunny and hhuuggeee congratulations. and just goes to show that you should never, ever listen to common sense when it comes to poas!!!! get that CBD and show it whos boss x
  • thankyou everyone *hugs*

    i went to asda and wandered around it in a daze with a huge grin on my face, must have looked abit scary lol

    they had no cb digital left (damn u pregnant people) so i got a twin pack of first response and a twin pack of asdas own brand.

    im just waiting on some wee now :roll:

    if i get a bfn i will cry

    im trying to find out how sensitive the clear blue plus normal ones are...its not even fmu and was only held in for 3/4 hours max lol xx

    good luck sd im rooting for u all xxxxxx

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  • Hi, congratulations!

    FR is more sensitive than CB anyway so you've got a better chance of seeing a darker line with that. Wow, so happy for you xx
  • I can see it too. xxx
  • A good day for a BFP i think!! Congratulations xx
  • definately a positive! Congrats!!
  • Yay, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!

    My husband was also cautious until I got my pregnant 1-2 on CBD, but I did test at 9DPO when I got my first positive! I don't think he realised that a faint line is a line none the less!

    Wishing you a very healthy and happy 9 months!! xx
  • Congrats - looks like a positive to me x
  • thanks ladies image my OH is very suspcious of faint lines too, he thinks they should be as dark as the control lines. i took another asda test this morning with fmu and it was still very faint just like yesterday so he's not convinced :roll: i want to go out and get a cbd today but im worried it will say Not Pregnant because Its still so early? (im 11dpo today)

    my breasts are killing me today and stomach feels so niggly. i got the strongest line on clear blue so might have 2 get them again if i cant find cbd. xxx
  • congratulations xxx
  • Congratulations FD thats great news!!! xx
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