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pains when first pregnant?

Morning ladies

I have been up all night with my boobies and aunt flo like pains. Have done two fr tests and an asda all with faint positives. My fr this am is lighter than yesterday but asda the strongest line I have had? Anyways I'm getting up and dragging my sorry ass to superdrug with my pot of fmu to get more tests. But main question is are these pains normal? I know a lot of u already have children x


  • Hi, my very close friend who is pg now had really bad period like pains, and brown spotting, she is 20 weeks now image
    I read so many posts where ladies have described this, I am sure you will here from them, but try not to worry x
    Just didn't want to r&r, hope you are ok, SD tests are very good so they should give you a nice line.
    Good luck!
  • Hi hon,

    First of all congratulations xx and yes af type pains are very very common in early pregnancy, I had them with my son and was very worried at first but after lots of reassurance that they are a normal part of pregnancy I calmed down ( a bit!) The only time you should be concerned is if they are extremely bad and accompanied by bleeding.

    hth xx
  • Hi agree with sazzle .Try not to worry ,but i know its easier said then doneimage x
  • oh yes this is all lovely and normal! when i was first preggy with dd i had a bleed for a day and then i had the worst af like cramps ever, all week i was convinced af was going to start but it never came. took a test and was a very strong BFP.

    its all normal, so big congrats!!! xxxx
  • Thanks ladies all so worrying and confusing. I have never done this before
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