My bloddy wisdom teeth are playing up yet again, and think one is off to dentist 2moro, thing is im on my 2ww, and although chances of BFP this month are so so slim (only done it 2wice) im wondering what the effect of biotics could be if i were........ can any1 help with this? xx


  • Oh poorly you, that's painful! I had to take antibiotics when I first started TTC. The doctor prescribed them and after I'd got them I wondered whether to take them. Later he actually rang me cos I'd mentioned about TTC and he prescribed me a different type that were apparently OK. Hope the dentist sorts you out xx
  • there are alot of antibiotics are safe to use in early pregnancy.. just ask the dentist to be sure to prescribe one that is safe in early pregnancy image when in doubt ring your dr and ask if the prescription is ok in early pregnancy image
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