What's the longest you've waited to poas?

I am trying so hard not to test until I have some symptoms. Been doing a daily BD with my husband, and AF was due on 11th May. Did a BFN test on 20th May.

Am resisting testing though: how long have any of you managed to go without poas?

(its especially tempting after being told the Asda test I'd used is rubbish! I now want to rush out for a CB one)


  • With my first I managed to wait until a week after af was due and got my bfp. They do say though if you get a bfn and still no af try again after 3 days so if I were you i'd test again now. Don't know how long i'll be able to go with poas this time - its now 28 days since took my last pill and no af as yet - feel sure it must be on its way!

    Good luck and lots of babydust x
  • It do rather want to test again! I will try to resist until the weekend...

    ... but I bet that if no AF tomorrow, I'll test then!
  • i havent tested since my last af. so i uess you could say thats 30 days.... but i now really want to poas as i'm only 4 days off af being due (three is you think this day is almost over....)

    I really want to go out and buy a testtttttttttttttttttttttttt image :lol:

  • Me too. I might just get one and do it tomorrow morning.

    On another thread i was told that the Asda ones are rubbish so maybe... oh listen to me! Straws? Clutching? Yep.
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