Ugh what is it??? Waaay tmi!!

Hey chickas

I have had on off spotting since Friday and today nothing! I just sent to the loo and when I wiped a really long gloopy cm came out!!! Sorry for the tmi!!!

I have had cramps and everything every day until today!!!

Can anyone help or had similar!!



  • haha, hi mrsJC - sounds like EWCM which happens just before ovulation. have you OV'd yet this cycle? was it clear or clearish in colour, and was it stretchy? x
  • Yip sounds like EWCM. Get bd'ing ;\)
  • It was stretchy and clear ish! I don't track ov so wouldn't really know if I had!!
    I've had 4 days of pinkish spotting and horrendous af cramps along with back ache!

    I will bd tonight any way! Lol

  • yeah, the spotting can also be a sign of OV (i dont get it personally - but some others do)
    i get cramps with OV too, and had some EWCM a week ago! def get BDing!! xx
  • lol. quick get BDing! lol. gloop.
  • Hubs just gone to a meeting so will have to wait till tonight!!!

    Lol! Really am stumped by it!!
  • have a read of this,

    this is what your talking about i think image which is also good, bcoz if u r now ovulating that means ur AF should be in approx 14 days. i think i remember you saying you had a reeealy long cycle?
  • Yeah I am on cd62 now!!!
    I have had a read and it's funny!! The having bit was exactly like earlier!!!
    I'm having real bad cramps now! Grr I hate my body soooo much!

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