cramps when ovulating???

Hi, im on cd10 today, ive had slight cramps this morning and yest afternoon, could these mean that im about to ovulate? ive been doing the ov tests but they are still negative?


  • hi i had the same priob with my ov sticks, never showed up positive, and im due af tomorrow!

    depends on your cycle length, ine is 35 days so i ov later on in month but if you have a standard 28 day cycle i think you could ov soon., although everybody diff, but ive decided not to use the iv sticks anymore as i just got all stressed out about it x
  • I get slight cramps when ovulating - I didn't notice until I tried for my first baby. But recongise them now. So don't be concerned it is quite normal.

  • I always get kind of niggly twisting aches on one side when I'm ovulating. Check it with an ovulation test to confirm - that's what I did the 1st few times I noticed, but now I know what they are I don't need to do a test image
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