Anyone else get sick when AF is due?

All afternoon I've had waves of nausea come over me......even after drinking water? AF not due till Friday and as first month of ttc not entirely sure how many dpo i am.

Did a test earlier and BFN but I wasn't surprised so not upset....knew I was testing too early!

It's just I never rememebered feeling so sick. I've eaten loads today as was sooo hungry but I know the sick feeling I get when I've eaten too much and this is not same feeling! Thing is I could still eat (so I still feel hungry) but know it'd make me feel sick iykwim!

I'm not 100% we've bd enough this month at the right times as I'm not sure and had a whole week when potential ov could've been (based on CM) and no bd.



  • I really don't know hun. I'm in the same boat as you. My AF is due tomorrow but I've been feeling waves of nausea before and after eating and all morning this morning. I never usually feel sick but I think it could be all in my mind. I might be feeling sick because I'm nervous about whether of not I'm pregnant? I don't know whether to trust what I think I'm feeling or not.

    I hope we are both PG! Good luck. xx

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  • I hope so too!!! Sick feeling still here doesn't help with train home being hot!!!

    I've got some bad cramps in back now so I'm convinced AF is round the corner as def felt like this before lol!! X
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