Spotting hasn't turned into af????

Had some spotting friday after a very very long cycle and was really :cry: about the whole thing but its doesn't seem to have developed into anything as yet just been light brown discharge :\? :\?

Now i normally get this for two days then af would be in full flow by the end of the second day but fingers crossed nothing seems to have happened yet so do i chalk this up to a weird af and go ahead and book day 21 bloods and does that make me cd4 or am i still waiting for af???

I'm really confused???

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  • in same boat i'm afraid. I have had same brown spotting since Thurs but no proper af! AHH!!
  • Hmmm, tough one. Maybe wait a few more days and see what happens. xx
  • It's not CD 1 until you get red blood..... might be a funny af. Maybe see if it turns red. Did you bd all through the cycle, and know when ov was? Could it be implantation? It can get mistaken for af... fingers crossed. xx
  • thing is if its a funny af then i need to count cd1 as last fri as that was red brown, but its been brown really and so so light as i have really heavy painful af's.

    I don't know anymore... we have been bding but i've no idea when i ov as cycles are so long and irregular thought i ov'd last monday but who knows, if this isn't af on CD80 odd i think!!

  • If it stops, may be worth taking a test anyway, if you can face it? xx

  • Oh lilac - your situation sounds really complicated, no wonder you're confused. If I was you I'd give it another day or so to see if af rears her head, and if she doesn't I'd say you're either still waiting or dare I say pg?!?

    Fingers are crossed for you.

  • i don't know if i feel confident to test i just think as soon as i test af always arrive.

    Just been to the loo and still nothing on the pad just a tiny bit of discoloured cm when i wiped (sorry tmi).
    I think i'll wait till wednesday and see what happens. xxxxxxxxxx
  • Don't give up hope. I had 16 days of bleeding and spotting on and off and just got a bfp! I just thought it was an annoyingly long but light AF.
  • Good luck hun. xx
  • Well if you test and af does arrive, at least you'll know where you stand. Maybe it's implantation, I had brown blood from about 4dpo and it continued for a few weeks into the pregnancy.

    Maybe just wait a couple of days and see if it turns red, if it doesn't just go to the doc's for your 21 day bloods anyway.

    Aw it's all so confusing, I hope you get some answers soon hunny xxx

  • That's what happened to me - I have brown blood (mixture of light and medium) and I then got my bfp. Fingers crossed.
  • I know how you feel, I got two days of spotting on days 37/38 and then nothing. I'm now on day 43 and no sign of AF but two bfn's. Of course my af is so irregular I have no clue when i'm ov'ing or when my af is even due !
  • just bought some pg tests that should be here tomorrow morning so either way hopefully i might know more tomorrow.

    Mrs weir its horrible being in limbo isn't it i HATE irrgular cycles it would be nice if i knew when ov or something was!!!

  • Sevans how many days after ov did you get your bfp??
  • Lilac i really feel for you, i think that atleast if you test and af comes you know and can start CD again, but fingers crossed for a BFP honey still could be xxxx
  • Mini - about 16dpo. I got ewcm on 12th May and tested on 29th May.
  • Fingers crossed that you get a bfp hun. Irregular cycles are an absolute pain arent they

    Good luck xx
  • Hi lilac,
    Can't believe this - I was just about to start a thread on this very subject when I saw yours! I am in same boat. Have not had af at all since stopping pill in January, then had ewcm for first time about ten days ago - very excited as you can imagine! However, since Friday have just had brown blood - off and on - just like you describe. No red at all. If it is af, then surely can't have ovulated when I had ewcm as not long enough in between. Will do a test next weekend if af doesn't arrive properly and if bfn am heading back to the doctors for some answers. Hope it's good news for you though and thanks for posting - nice to know I'm not the only one in this situation! xx
  • my fingers are crossed for you all and that your confusion turns into some good news image xxx
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